Review of the Life Insurance Policies Offered by Brighthouse Financial

Review of the Life Insurance Policies Offered by Brighthouse Financial

The bottom line is that Brighthouse Financial may not be the greatest choice for everyone, but due to its extensive selection of products and low amount of customer complaints, it is a solid alternative for certain people. The majority or maybe all of the items listed on this website are provided by our business partners, who in turn reimburse us. This might have an impact on the items we choose to write about, as well as where and how they are displayed on a page. Despite this, it does not affect how we evaluate the situation. Our opinions are entirely our own.

Life insurance is provided by BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL

Rated 3.5 out of a possible 5 stars Drew a lower number of complaints to state authorities compared to what would be anticipated for a corporation of its size. J.D. Power's survey on consumer satisfaction with life insurance found that the company ranked dead bottom. Brighthouse Financial was established by MetLife in 2017 and markets its products to individual customers in the form of life insurance and annuities. MetLife, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with employee benefits. The only people who may purchase life insurance products from Brighthouse Financial are licensed, financial advisors. Why you can trust us: Our writers and editors follow strict editing guidelines to ensure that the content on our site is accurate and fair. This allows you to make confident choices about your finances and choose the goods that will serve you in the most beneficial manner. The following is a list of our partners, as well as an explanation of how we generate money.

Insurance for life provided by Brighthouse Financial

3.5 Rating In terms of overall performance, Brighthouse Financial received 3.5 stars out of a possible 5. Our editorial staff is responsible for assigning each star rating. Consumer feedback, as collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, is included in the scoring algorithm, as are judgments of the company's ability to meet financial obligations.

Both advantages and disadvantages of the Brighthouse Financial life insurance

Pros and Cons

drew a lower number of complaints to state authorities compared to what would have been anticipated for a corporation of its size. J.D. Power's survey on customer satisfaction in the life insurance industry in 2021 gave them the lowest score possible.

Policies offered by Brighthouse Financial for life insurance

Brighthouse Financial provides clients with a variety of alternatives for the term and permanent life insurance, as well as a hybrid policy for long-term care coverage. Term life insurance is available from Brighthouse Financial in a 10-, 20-, or 30-year term length via their SimplySelect policy. Throughout the duration of the policy, both the yearly premium and the quantity of coverage remain unchanged. The one-year term life insurance that the firm provides is for meeting temporary coverage requirements, such as filling in the gaps between employment. After the first year of having the policy, you have the option to convert it into a whole life insurance policy or extend your coverage for an additional five years with the Convertible and Renewable Options rider. The Premier Accumulator of the Company's Offerings, Universal Life Insurance A Universal Life insurance allows the policyholder access to the majority of all of the cash value of the policy within the first few years. The firm does not require policyholders to pay surrender costs, which are fees typically paid by policyholders in exchange for the ability to receive the cash value earlier than expected. In addition to providing life insurance and coverage for long-term care, Brighthouse Financial also provides clients with an indexed universal life policy known as SmartCare. Customers who purchase this product have the ability to use a portion of the policy's death benefit toward the cost of long-term care expenses.

Complaints from Brighthouse Financial customers and their level of satisfaction

According to our examination of data provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, over the course of three years, Brighthouse Financial has received a far lower number of complaints from state regulators than would be anticipated for a firm of its size. In addition, the 2021 U.S. Life Insurance Study conducted by J.D. Power placed Brighthouse Financial as the 21st best company out of 21 total firms in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

Additional information on Brighthouse Financial's life insurance

It is possible to make one-time premium payments online even if you do not have an online account. You may set up your bank account to make payments on their own automatically. In addition to providing life insurance, Brighthouse Financial also provides a variety of annuity options, including index-linked, income, variable, and fixed rates.

Purchasing advice for life insurance

Make a decision on the kind of life insurance policy you need, such as term or whole life, before you start comparing different providers. Make a decision on which riders, if any, you would want to be added to the life insurance policy. Do the math to determine how much life insurance you need and for how many years you want it to protect you. Check to see whether the prospective insurance companies can provide the level of protection that you need. When you are comparing prices, you want to make sure that all of the estimates you are looking at are for the same amount of coverage for the same length of time. In addition to this, it is essential to check that the medical criteria of the coverage are suitable for your situation. For instance, if you want to avoid the medical exam for life insurance but are willing to answer questions about your health, you should make sure that the application procedure for each of the policies you are evaluating is consistent with your preferences. It's possible that price wasn't the primary factor in your choice to make a purchase. Examine the number of customer complaints that each firm has received since a large number of complaints may be an indicator that the service is of poor quality.

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