Frugal Living's Top 29 Blogs

Frugal Living's Top 29 Blogs

Want to realize control of your finances? It's not always about making more money but rather about spending less. Saving money is usually overlooked in favor of more (seemingly) exciting techniques, but saving money is a crucial part of financial wellness. There are some extreme frugality examples out there, but we would like you to ascertain how easy it's to figure frugal living into your life without feeling as if you never stop counting pennies. And we've compiled a great list of frugal living blogs that you can use as a resource. These thrifty blogs will motivate you to budget, save money, and avoid debt. These blogs cover everything from how to save money by altering your thinking to how to hunt for bargains and even budget meal planning! You'll utilize real-life examples and strategies to succeed.

That being said, let's start with these 29 best frugal living blogs!

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle created this website to how assist herself recover with money. It worked - she paid off debt, makes an excellent income blogging, and now instructs others on the way to live their best financial life. This is frequently the place to visit if you're unsure where, to begin with, economical living. Making Sense Of Cents is among the simplest frugal blogs out there for people who want more out of life for less money.

Mr. Money Mustache

Pete is one of the leaders of the F.I.R.E. movement (Financially Independent, Retire Early). He retired early (in his thirties), and he now spends his time advocating for a more frugal and straightforward lifestyle. Mr. Money Mustache is the perfect website for people curious about saving money and living life a touch differently. Pete is genuinely hooked on helping people be more thoughtful about consumerism and spending, and his blog gives such great advice.

Millennial Revolution

Kristy and Bryce, a few who retired from work at the age of 31, write this super intelligent and relatable blog. They currently travel and write books in their spare time. Millennial Revolution gets into the small print of the way to save, how interest works, and alternatives to the 9-5. It is a must-read for everyone who is interested in saving lots of money in a big way and live the life they need sooner instead of later.

The Penny Hoarder

If you are looking to seek out advice on all things money, from investing to budgeting to taxes, inspect The Penny Hoarder. They publish articles written that support the experiences of real people and that they specialize in frugality and using money to enhance your life.

Fun, Cheap or Free

Jordan, the blog's creator, creates entertaining pieces that are a joy to read. This well-read site is all about family and saving money. Find articles on shopping deals, budgeting advice, and how to enjoy life without going broke. If you've got any questions about living life well on a budget, you will find answers at Fun, Cheap, or Free.

Spending Less and Living Well

Ruth's blog posts are straightforward, transparent, and approachable. She's been through tons to urge to where she is today, and they teach others the way to achieve success, too. With blog posts featuring how to economize, get organized reception, and be content to measure life outside of the established order, Ruth gives sisterly advice for frugality and freedom at Living Well Spending Less.

Frugal Living Momma

Savanah may be a mom blogger who gives excellent tips for living on less, getting organized with finances, and when to shop to keep extra money in your wallet. She offers a family-focused perspective on Frugal Living Momma, and they publish one of the most basic frugal living blogs for practical saving.

Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie may be a famous writer featured on the jester and Fox Business sites. All the items you'll ever want to understand about budgeting are found on Busy Budgeter. Rosemarie insists that budgeting and being organized reception go together. Her articles specialize in the way to master both.

Be More With Less

In this blog, Courtney focuses on living. She connects this to money management by talking about debt-free living and budgeting. She reminds readers of the life they can create by pursuing a calm and financially free existence in Be More With Less.

The Minimalists

Joshua and Ryan, two buddies, wanted to see what life would be like if they lived on less, and they'd never looked back. They openly promote living simply and making informed purchasing decisions. It ties in perfectly with frugality, as they create their readers (and podcast listeners) to believe their purchases and what matters. Warning: you would possibly save plenty of cash after reading The Minimalists blog.

Prudent hoarder

The prudent hoarder may be an extensive website that talks about spending less through finding deals and living frugally. Stephy offers entertaining ideas such as do-it-yourself and craft projects, recipes, and more. This is often among the simplest frugal living blogs for those looking to save lots of money reception.

Rich and Regular

Julien and Kiersten mention money and relationships. They tackle everything from saving to FI/RE to budgets. Their motto is "inspiring better conversations about money," They strive to assist others with their financial progress on their blog Rich And Regular.

Budgets are Sexy

This blog, started by J. Money and continued by "5 am Joel," goes into great detail regarding financial principles. The writers mention why saving money matters and how to try to do so using their tips in your lifestyle. You'll also inspect content from Budgets Are Sexy in the N.Y. Times and Forbes.

Get Rich Slowly

In his blog Get Rich Slowly, J.D. Roth shares his personal experiences. He cares about helping others economize and overcome obstacles to financial freedom. He's the author of the book The Cash Boss Manifesto and produces articles on how to keep better track of your money, use it wisely, and save money.

From Frugal to Free

From the attitude of writers Kathryn and Shay, From Frugal To Free is a guidebook for frugal living. They advise on making extra cash from side hustles, also as savings. They also provide information such as budgeting tools and links to other blogs about money.

Her First 100k

Tori created Her First 100K to assist women in becoming financially independent and successful. She believes that money and knowledge may help you create the life you want. She saved her first 100k by the age of 25, and they sincerely want to assist other women in doing what she's done. She's also been featured everywhere, from CNBC to Time. This is often the place if you wish to learn about careers, side hustles, and financial independence.

Queen of Free

Cherie is serious about paying off debt and likes to economize by getting things for free of charge whenever she will. She writes about budgeting thoughtfully on her blog, Queen Of Free, by planning ahead and being thrifty with items like food and electricity. It's the simplest frugal living blog for those looking to scale back their monthly spending.

5 Dollar Dinners

Erin blogs about food and residential, but her website also features meal plans and even classes associated with cooking and groceries. 5 Dollar Dinners may be a blog explicitly dedicated to saving money on food. It's great because it is so specific - if you would like a budget-friendly recipe, you recognize precisely where to look!

My Frugal Adventures

Charlene's site, My Frugal Adventures, is exclusive because many articles are about sales and deals happening with different retailers. She frequently talks about household stuff like furniture and clothing. She also talks about food, D.I.Y., and residential ideas. Check here first when you're trying to seek out an honest sale!

The Incremental Life

Jeff Miller writes on frugal living and dealing with the life you want on his site The Incremental Life. He believes in taking small steps toward your objectives. There are many articles about budgeting and saving, but you'll also find ideas for staying organized and being your own boss. This blog is a lot useful for people with big dreams who got to stay inspired as they reach for their goals.

Jessi Fearon

Jessi Fearon offers money advice as someone who is debt-free, including her mortgage. Her website has great ideas for folks that are new to budgeting or need some help with spending less! She has the real-life experience of copying her writing, and it's great stuff!

Frugal Chic Life

Nicole's Frugal Chic Life blog is where to travel for money inspiration. She's entirely committed to being frugal while balancing commitments such as family and career. She uses this blog to offer us all a window into the life of someone chasing financial independence. Her blog is filled with financial advice that anyone with big goals will appreciate.

Life and a Budget

Latoya believes that having a budget and living an extraordinary life go hand in hand. She has a full area of her website dedicated to frugal living ideas, as well as numerous additional articles on anything from side hustles to self-improvement, at Life And A Budget. She writes in a friendly tone, providing examples and advice to help readers manage their finances better.

Caroline Vencil

Caroline Vencil has a fantastic story on this frugal blog. She argues for living on one income and saving a lot of money so that family comes first. Her website features articles showing readers places in their budget where they might be wasting cash, as well as ebooks and classes. She knows how to live comfortably without a huge salary, and she teaches others how to do the same.

Miss Many Pennies

Miss Many Pennies feels that a personal touch may go a long way in showing individuals how modest amounts of money can compound up over time. It's a superb blog for folks because the writing focuses tons on the family. Find easy ways to form money, plus inspect the website's Amazon Deal Finder tool.

Budget Travel

If you want to travel to exotic locations but don't have a lot of money, Budget Travel is a great place to start. After all, living life on a budget doesn't suggest doing anything fun! This website locates travel bargains and offers advice on local and long-distance travel. They even have articles about staycations and other information relevant to 2021.

Budgeting Couple

Budgeting Couple offers ideas that you may put into practice right now on this economic blog. The articles are written by the budgeting pair cover themes such as money-saving software reviews, how to stop worrying about money, and how to make it work on one income. Rock bottom line is about this blog's advice: it is easy to follow, and it works.

His and Her Money

Talaat and Tai McNeely are obsessed with marriage and money. His And Her Money has plenty of resources on its website, including videos, podcasts, and plenty of informational articles. They want couples to succeed with money and celebrate within the process, making this one among the simplest frugal living blogs out there.

The Finance Bar

The Finance Bar offers a special check-out financial education. The creator of the website, Marsha Barnes, brings financial literacy to you with a renovated bus that involves schools and communities and teaches about money. Forbes, Black Enterprise, and other publications have covered the financial bar. The blog is filled with real-world advice for people with questions about saving and spending. For people curious about learning even more, there is a members club you'll join that gives access to a like-minded community and great teachings about money.

Check out these fantastic frugal living blogs!

If you would like to measure frugally but are unclear where to start out, visit a number of these frugal blogs. They prove that saving money could also be necessary, and it also can be fun and leave us feeling accomplished and more in charge of our finances. Spending less can make a huge difference in our lives, from enhanced financial confidence to increased lifestyle satisfaction. We hope you'll be inspired by these 29 frugal living blogs!

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