Need Money Right Away? 27 Different Ways to Make Money Right Away

Need Money Right Away? 27 Different Ways to Make Money Right Away

We are now experiencing one of the most severe crises that any of us will see in our lives. Because of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, companies are going down, and employees are left shouting things like "I need money NOW!" Individuals are searching for rapid access to cash in order to make ends meet as a result of the high number of people who are unable to work. The good news is that there are a variety of methods by which you may put money in your pocket within the next twenty-four hours. Although not all of them are very exciting, you should be able to count on them when you're in a bind. Additionally, there are a few companies that are actively recruiting new employees now. Have a look at this list to see how you may quickly pick up some extra income. Participating in online surveys is one of the most successful approaches, and our research has proved that Survey Junkie is the most effective platform.

The Best 27 Ways to Make Money Right Away When You Really Need it

  1. Refinance Student Loans
  2. Survey Junkie: Online Survey
  3. Ibotta, also known as Grocery Rebates
  4. Vindale Conduct research and haggle over the costs.
  5. To get your refunds, paribus
  6. Take a ride with Lyft.
  7. Borrow from your close companions.
  8. Get a personal loan
  9. Sell on Craigslist
  10. Put it up for sale at a pawn shop.
  11. Do work on
  12. Pay Only with a Valid Receipt
  13. Hog
  14. Babysit
  15. Have a yard sale
  16. Be a street performer
  17. Stay the night with Rover.
  18. Locate the money.
  19. Ask for an advance
  20. Get a job in the service industry.
  21. Cash in your gift cards.
  22. You should sell suitable clothing.
  23. Houses that are clean
  24. Be a handyman
  25. Use TaskRabbit
  26. Utilize the points on your credit card.
  27. Make Returns
Have an immediate need for money? You may put some money in your pocket in only a few hours by working your way through this list, which will give you some ideas on how to do it.

1) Decrease the Number of Monthly Payments You Have to Make

Did you realize that 44.7 million Americans are in debt from college loans? Have you considered the idea of refinancing your student loan debt? When you refinance, it implies that a new, single loan is created in place of your previous debts. This new loan will have a new, lower interest rate than the loans it replaces. Those who have student loans may benefit from this since it reduces the number of monthly payments they need to make and saves money overall. In addition to helping you save money and bringing down the amount you have to pay each month on your loans, several organizations that refinance loans will also compensate you for refinancing with them.

2. Make up to $5 for each survey with Survey Junkie

Taking part in surveys is a fantastic method to get some quick income. Many businesses are willing to compensate consumers for their feedback. Survey Junkie is one of my go-to websites for taking surveys and has a solid reputation in the industry. The incentives for completing surveys on Survey Junkie are based on a point system. You will get anything from fifty to four hundred and fifty points for each survey that you finish. 100 points equal $1. You will have the option to pay out your points using either PayPal or a gift card when the time comes. If you request payment via PayPal, the process may take up to twenty-four hours, although in the vast majority of situations, it would begin right away.

3. You Can Get Paid to Shop for Groceries

Everybody buys food, right? This brings us to yet another method of earning some money. Using rebate applications to complete your food shopping is indeed a viable option. By using an app like Ibotta on your smartphone and snapping a photo of the receipt for the food you buy, you can get cash back on some of your purchases. You perform your normal food shopping at the exact locations as always, and if you purchase essentials like meat, bread, and eggs, you are eligible to get rebates on your purchases. Again, legally speaking, this is not a source of income; nevertheless, it does provide you with cashback on standard purchases, which is practically equivalent to the value of an income source.

4: Vindale Research

Since Vindale Research is one of the oldest survey sites available, this indicates that the firm is experienced in the field in which it operates. You may expect to get anywhere from $1 to $5 for each survey that you complete, which is not terrible money considering the amount of time that you will commit. You will be paid extra for completing surveys that are more in-depth. There is also the option of doing product assessments, which require more effort on your part but may result in a greater financial reward. They will provide you with a product or service, and you will be expected to give an unbiased assessment of your experience with it. This has the potential to pay anywhere from $5 and $75.

5: Negotiate a bill

Calling a couple of your service providers in advance of when your bills are due will give you the opportunity to see if you can negotiate a better bargain. For instance, if you were able to reduce your monthly cable cost from $110 to $70, you would save $40 and be able to use that money toward something else rather than your cable service. We were able to cut our monthly satellite television price by around $70 by doing so. By the end of the talk, we had saved a large amount of money and had upgraded all of our equipment.

6. Find out who owes you money

There is a reasonable probability you have loaned money to others in the past, but have they ever paid you back? If someone owes you twenty dollars, fifty dollars, or one hundred dollars, and you have a decent probability of collecting it, this is a beautiful way to get money quickly. Before you start knocking on people's doors, take some time to think about the individuals and circumstances in which you may have provided financial assistance in the past. Maybe your server wouldn't let you split the check, so you offered to pay for someone else's meal instead. You may always ask for it back in a friendly manner.

7. Make a Minimum of $1,000 Per Month with Lyft

If you sign up to drive for Lyft, the ridesharing company will give you a guaranteed $1,000. Earnings Guaranteed is the name of the program that includes this feature. The campaign details can be seen on the Lyft website, and they state that drivers will earn a particular sum within a certain length of time. Lyft will make up the difference if the driver does not make the promised amount within the specified length of time. And at this very moment, the sum that is promised is $1,000! A simple way to make money.

8 Borrow money from close relatives or friends

Are you in urgent need of money? It is possible that getting a short-term loan from relatives and friends may be beneficial. Although you may not like being in this circumstance, it might come in handy in a hurry. Just make sure that the conditions of the loan are documented in writing to prevent any emotions from being hurt and to ensure that everyone is on the same page. You may arrange a loan from relatives or friends using an app like Ledge, Apply Pay, Cash App, or Venmo if you want further reinforcement. If you wish to extra support, you can do this. If you use one of these programs, you'll be able to generate a digital record of the history of your loan and also design a repayment schedule that makes sense.

9 Consider a personal loan

Getting information, making phone calls, or comparing personal loan quotes no longer necessitates putting in the effort. People who don't want to go through the hassle of applying for their own personal loan might use an online loan aggregator. In order to compare many personal loan quotations and other financial products, which quote aggregator should one use? For this reason, I have a lot of confidence in Fiona: it allows people to compare a wide range of financial goods, including personal loans and credit cards.

10 List your items for sale on Craigslist

We all have utilized items in our possession that we no longer desire. Why not put it up for sale? You may get rid of goods like furniture, CDs, gadgets, and even clothes by placing a few easy posts on Craigslist, which are free of charge and don't take up much of your time. You may also list your stuff up for sale through Facebook resale groups if you are a member of any of those groups. Be careful to set the prices of your things in such a way that they will be purchased rapidly. You might have cash in your hands (and fewer things to worry about) in a matter of minutes if you sold the correct item at the right price and had a little bit of luck on your side.

11 Put something up for a pawn that you don't really desire

Pawnshops are convenient places to turn unwanted goods into cash, but in exchange, you will only get a small percentage of the item's total worth. Things like firearms, jewels, and electronic equipment are examples of the kinds of stuff that might help you make a significant profit at a pawn shop; however, other types of items could also be of use. When I was younger, I wanted to be the next frontman for Led Zeppelin, and I saved enough money to purchase a Fender guitar. Do you have any idea how many times I used it? Perhaps even two. Fortunately, a local pawn shop was able to give me a portion of my money back once I realized that I wouldn't be playing on the main stage any time in the foreseeable future.

12 Finish a job that you found on

Advertising your talents on a website such as Fiverr is a clever move to make if you have expertise in design or programming, respectively. You won't only be able to get continuous employment, but you'll also have the opportunity to take up one-off assignments that may bring in cash quite rapidly. In order to be considered for any profession, you must have a diverse mix of skills and expertise. Setting up shop on Fiverr may be a fast and straightforward way to generate money if you are comfortable with the internet and know what you're doing.

13 Upload scanned images of your receipts into ReceiptHog

The software known as ReceiptHog gives users the opportunity to earn cashback simply by scanning receipts for items that they have previously purchased. In all honesty, your receipts aren't even needed to be the documents in question. I mean, ReceiptHog won't find out if you scan your mother's grocery receipt and claim it as your own if you do it! You had best start scanning if you want to make some fast money.

14 Babysit some youngsters

A babysitter is probably going to be needed in the next few days. You may be able to get a babysitting job quickly if you place an ad on Facebook or contact a few friends. There are a variety of fees that babysitters charge, but you should be able to make at least $7 or $8 per hour working as one. Even if you just babysit for three hours, you will still have at least $21 in your pocket when the following few days have passed.

15 Have a garage sale right now

There is no valid excuse for you not to have a garage sale today if you reside in a community that sees either foot or vehicular traffic on a regular basis. You may also promote your sale for free on Topping off your sale is the fact that you're also selling electronics and apparel. If you can sell more products, you'll be in a better financial position.

16 Start a career as a street performer

If you have talents such as singing, doing physical feats, playing the guitar or the piano, or doing stand-up comedy, you could theoretically do any of these things by the side of the road in exchange for money, right? You may as well give it a go, even if just to see what happens! It doesn't matter what your "talent" is; if you perform in an area where there is a lot of street traffic, you'll probably be able to make at least some money from it. Make sure to let people know that you are accepting contributions by placing a bucket or hat out in the open, and then let the good times flow.

17 Use to find someone to watch your dog

Do you love dogs? If you do, there is the potential for you to earn some fast money by doing something that comes easily to you. You will be able to contact dog owners who are looking for someone to monitor their dogs while they are away using a site such as The best part is that you could potentially make up to $49 per night per pet, depending on where you are and how much other people in the neighborhood charge for their rooms.

18  If you want money, you should wreck your home and your automobile

The majority of us have our cash stored away in various locations. It's possible that one of us has a dollar note tucked away in the recesses of our wallet, another of us has a twenty dollar bill hidden in an old jacket, and the other of us has an ashtray in our vehicle that is crammed into the brim with quarters and dimes. If you absolutely need money quickly, you should get started dismantling your home as soon as possible. It's possible that this strategy won't net you too much money, but even a little bit will be helpful!

19 Suggest to your manager that you be given a portion of your paycheck in advance

Payday loans are something that I would never, ever recommend to anybody. However, there is no harm in asking your work for a paycheck advance if you feel you need it. If you need the money urgently, explain the situation to your boss and ask if they can help you in any way. It's possible that they'll reject your request and send you on your way. A few hundred bucks from the following week's salary are all they'll agree to offer you.

20 Get a career in the service industry

This one might take you up to a week, but it has the potential to put money in your pocket in a reasonable amount of time. If you're in desperate need of cash and can't afford to wait too long, working part-time as a waiter or bartender could be the perfect solution for you. As soon as you have begun your schooling, you have to promptly start making tips. Because of the process, it is possible that you may lose up to twenty percent of the value of the gift card you have. Unfortunately, this is the bad news. Approach to making money quickly can be enough to pay the expenses. In addition to that, you don't have to continue working there forever, do you?

21 Exchange your unused gift cards for cold hard cash

Did you know that you can turn in new or old gift cards at some Coinstar machines in exchange for cash? When it comes to cash, the good news is that you'll receive it as soon as possible. Because of the process, it is possible that you may lose up to twenty percent of the value of the gift card you have. Unfortunately, this is the bad news. However, this is a creative way to convert unwanted gift cards into cash, so keep that in mind if you have some.

22 If you want some extra income, sell some suitable clothing

You can get cold, hard cash in return for your gently worn brand-name apparel at certain outlets that cater to adults and teenagers (but largely women). Two such possibilities are Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange; both of these places will pay you money in exchange for your best and most desirable belongings. If you want to earn genuine money back for your clothes, you'll normally need to maintain them in fantastic condition, but if you have a lot of fine clothes, this is a good approach for you to use.

23 Keep your home clean

Do you know of someone whose residence is dirty and untidy? See what response you get by offering to clean it for them for a price first, then offering to do so. There are a lot of individuals who do not have the motivation or the time to clean their own houses, and some of those people are prepared to pay for a professional cleaning service. If you don't know anybody directly who you might approach for help, you always have the option of posting a free ad on Facebook or There is a good chance that you will connect with someone who could use your abilities as a cleaner in addition to a few hours of your time.

24 Become a handyman...right this very second

It's hard to believe, but there are individuals out there who earn a career doing things that you may not expect. Your own handyman service might be a viable option if you have extensive construction expertise and are capable of resolving the majority of common household issues. You might easily connect with folks who may pay you to clean out their dryer vents, fix their interior lights, or do other simple maintenance tasks if you placed an ad online and publicized your services. The majority of the time, you will be paid in cash, and you may make up to $40 an hour doing this job!

25 Use TaskRabbit

With the introduction of the internet, consumers now have access to a myriad of ways to make money quickly. When it comes to this, TaskRabbit is an excellent resource. As a member, you'll be able to run errands for other people and earn money in the process. The duties associated with a job may vary significantly, but some of the more popular ones include running errands, walking dogs, picking up medications, and picking up clothes from the cleaners. This is a choice you should give serious consideration to if you don't mind engaging in arbitrary activities in return for immediate financial gain.

26 Redeem all of the points you've accumulated on your credit card

If you have several credit cards that provide rewards, there is a strong probability that some of your points have been lost. If you put them all together, they may have a big impact on your business. If you are able to do so, convert your points into a statement credit, and then use your credit card to pay for any urgent purchases that you have to make. If you are willing to wait for a few days or even up to a week, many rewards credit cards will also allow you to redeem your points for a cheque that will be sent to you.

27 Return things you no longer want...and be paid for them!

We all had experiences with purchases that did not go according to plan. If you have any items that may be returned, you really need to give them a go. Some stores will pay you cashback on your purchase no matter whether you have the receipt or not, while others will give you shop credit at the very least. Although this is more of a return for your own money, the fact remains that it is effective. Before you hunt for more methods to generate money quickly, look around your home for things you've purchased but never used and that you may be able to sell or give away.

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