30 of the Best Side Jobs For Teachers to Increase Income

30 of the Best Side Jobs For Teachers to Increase Income

In the lives of children, teachers are an invaluable resource that nobody can replace. You put in long hours throughout the day and night to shape the lives of young children who are still impressionable. You persevere even through the most trying of circumstances, yet there are times when the financial compensation isn't sufficient. There are a lot of fantastic side jobs available for teachers, so if you are a teacher, this article is just what you need. You are searching for ways to earn extra money. Whether it be to prepare for a better retirement, pay off student debts, fill an emergency account, or have fun, there are a lot of great side jobs available. You will be able to locate work that makes use of your teaching talents, as well as work that provides a mental respite from teaching and maybe even some lighthearted entertainment.

Jobs outside of teaching that are similar to teaching

Here is a list of some fantastic part-time and full-time careers for teachers that will put their existing skills and expertise to good use while also generating additional cash.

Sell your lesson plans

Putting together lesson plans is a challenging task. Some educators do not have the resources or time to put in the effort. If you are an expert at creating lesson plans, you might consider selling them on websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers. Each time someone buys one of your lesson plans, you will make some additional cash. Still, you will also be able to assist other overworked and exhausted educators in organizing the ideal school year.

Develop curriculum

Are you adept at developing unique educational plans? Do the people you work with frequently seek your advice and assistance? Creating and marketing your own academic materials is a viable side business opportunity. You may make money from your pedagogical methods by either authoring an e-book or publishing them on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Tutor students

The opportunities are limitless for teachers to also work as tutors. Apply for a position with VIPKid if you are interested in working from home and teaching English online. You will provide one-on-one English instruction to Chinese schoolchildren under your direction. The sessions are brief and explicitly tailored to your needs. Making lesson planning and actually teaching is a source of a significant amount of stress. You only need to perform the actual teaching in order to get paid. However, in order to suit the after-school hours in China, VIPKid teachers often labor late into the night. If teaching English is not something you are interested in, that is okay! You can become a tutor in virtually any field, either in-person or online. You may find students online by signing up with a site such as Skooli and being matched with them after advertising your services locally.

Write a book

With Kindle Direct Publishing, it is now possible for anybody to get their writing published. You may publish a book about lesson planning, the syllabus, teaching during a pandemic, or even self-care for educators. If you publish using Kindle Direct Publishing, you will sell your book on Amazon.

Become a teacher at a summer school

Instead of taking a second job during your time off, consider becoming a summer school instructor if you are trying to make some additional money. The sessions often only last a few weeks, and the hours are far less than traditional therapy. Even though you will have some time to yourself during the summer months, this will provide you with an opportunity to earn more money.

Become a camp counselor

If you enjoy working with children but occasionally need a break from instructing, being a camp counselor is an excellent option for you. You have the opportunity to take the children on educational outings, let them explore, and watch out for their wellbeing while their parents are at work. You can do all of this without the stress of adhering to predetermined educational standards. It is like getting only the best of both worlds. Not only that, it's one of the most popular part-time employment for teachers.

Serve as a coach or mentor for after-school and child athletic programs

Through after-school activities such as coaching or mentoring, you may pass on your enthusiasm for a particular sport or group. Were you a part of the cheerleading team in high school? If yes, then you should consider coaching younger cheerleaders. If you have a passion for baseball or basketball, you should consider coaching younger athletes. There are a plethora of other alternatives available as well, such as teaching chess or painting to a club or instructing any other passion that comes to mind. You should inquire about it even if your school does not offer it. You never know when your school could be seeking to expand its list of extracurricular activities.

Grade papers

Get paid to grade papers from the comfort of your own home if you don't mind the work. Teachers can earn money by scoring papers for websites such as Measurement Inc. Consider the topics that really interest you. Consequently, you won't feel as overwhelmed when you grade papers on those topics, and you'll be able to earn additional money while doing something you genuinely enjoy.

Other types of side jobs for teachers

You could be looking for something else to do other than what you do daily. Therefore, we have compiled an excellent list of second occupations for teachers that are somewhat distinct from the profession of teaching itself.

Sell your goods and make some money

Are you one to always be on the hunt for a bargain? Do they seek you out to learn where they can get the most incredible prices, and do they come to you? Flipping stuff for money may be a lucrative endeavor if you put your abilities to good use. You make a profit by purchasing products at a reduced cost and then selling them online. If you find that going shopping helps relieve tension, then you can reduce that stress while also adding to your bank account. It is simple for instructors to start a successful side business like item flipping, which they may do in their spare time.

Sell your old belongings on the internet

Do you recall the proverb that says, "your garbage is someone else's treasure"? There's no telling what knickknacks you could have laying around the home that someone else might find helpful. You may make some extra money by selling your stuff on online marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist. It's a win-win scenario. You get to make money and tidy your home at the same time!

Participate in surveys

One of the best ways to generate "fun money" is to participate in online surveys. Your profits might not be able to cover your expenses, but they might mount up over time if you're consistent enough. By participating in surveys and providing responses, you are assisting market research organizations in better understanding consumer trends. Sign up on sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. You should finish filling up your profile and check your email frequently for survey invitations.

Take part in discussion forums and focus groups

Participate in paid focus groups if you enjoy sharing your thoughts with others but would prefer to have spoken interactions than complete written questionnaires. These groups need far more time investment than polls do, but they also pay significantly more. A paid focus group can pay you anywhere from $100 to over $1000 depending on how long it is, whether you have to go to it, or whether you can participate in it online.

Rent out your residence

You might consider listing your property on Airbnb if it is vacant for a few weeks out of the year or if you have a spare room in your house that you would not mind renting out. By letting your home be rented out while you are away on vacation, you may make it seem as if someone else is footing the bill for your trip. When you advertise your property for sale, a lot of things are under your control. Some of this includes how much you want for it and the parameters of the deal. Airbnb handles all of the necessary financial tasks and even offers liability insurance in the event that a guest sustains an injury in your home.

Rent out your automobile

It might be hard to believe, but you can rent just about everything in today's world, even personal automobiles. Apps like Turo make it easier. You post your car on the times it is free to rent, give a description, and set up a fee. Turo will take care of the rest. If you have a car that you don't use very often, this is a fantastic option for you.

Become a driver for a delivery service

In today's world, you can get compensated to provide just about whatever you want to. There is employment available in the areas of food delivery, package delivery, and even grocery delivery that instructors may do on the side. Therefore, if you would prefer to drive around people as opposed to stuff, consider becoming an Uber or Lyft driver. You have full autonomy when it comes to the hours you put in and the locations in which you do any of these additional jobs. You also have the ability to select the kinds of work that you want to do.

Put your hand to some repair work

If you are skilled with your hands, you should consider offering your services to individuals in your immediate vicinity. It is not necessary for the work to need specialized skills such as those required in plumbing or carpentry. You might offer specific services such as mowing lawns, trimming shrubs, or shoveling snow. Put up an ad on Craigslist or on the Facebook page for your community, and let people know that you are looking for work.

Pet sit

If you have a passion for animals on four legs, you may help people in your neighborhood who are unable to be home to take care of their dogs by using a platform like Rover. Because you are a teacher, you may make yourself available during the evenings, on weekends, or during the summer to care for pets and even train them. You may provide pet sitting services either at your own home or in your clients' homes, or you could even offer dog walking services.

Try out house sitting

Housitter.com is a website that connects homes looking for house sitters with available candidates. Suitable authorities will subject you to a background check to ensure that you are competent in watching the homeowner's house. Once the inspection is complete, you will be able to select the dates on which you are available as well as the charges. House sitting is similar to going on a short vacation while earning money. It allows you to live in a new location while compensating you for your time there.

Get your certification as a personal trainer

Why not become a certified fitness instructor if you enjoy working out and want to share your passion with others? It's like getting rid of two problems with only one solution. Not only do you get to indulge in your interest in physical activity, but you also get the opportunity to generate money while doing something you enjoy. There are many other fields in which one can obtain a certification, such as yoga, strength training, nutrition, and weight reduction, to name a few. This is an excellent option for instructors looking for a second career because the flexible hours and the money is good.

Become a website tester

In the same way that businesses want feedback on their products, they must also be aware of how well their websites function for customers. Many companies use User Testing, and those businesses pay people like you who are searching for part-time work to test their websites and report what they find.

Launch your own housekeeping business

Teachers need to have side hustles that are absolutely unrelated to teaching every once in a while, and cleaning fits the bill for many of them. If you find that cleaning is therapeutic for you. You may make some extra money by giving your cleaning services to others in the surrounding region. Check out our page for more information on different types of domestic skills!

Become a nanny or a babysitter

Because you already have experience working with children, becoming a nanny is one of the finest side hustles for teachers to consider taking up. You will have the opportunity to mold the lives of young children while spending time with them in a less stressful setting. Because you are able to devote more time to your family, this is one of the most suitable summer side jobs for educators.

Start a second career as a virtual assistant

Teachers have a strong innate ability to organize things well. Try being a virtual assistant if you enjoy tasks such as responding to emails, arranging calendars, or making social media posts. You could also help small businesses in maintaining their organization. You may work on the gig from home, putting in your time to bring in some additional cash during your leisure time.

Give freelance writing a go

Teachers have an advantage when looking for a side hustle in the form of freelance writing since they already possess strong writing and grammatical skills. Why not assist proprietors of businesses that want content but do not have the time or ability to create it? Promote your business on online marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork. You determine your prices and your target market, and you are compensated for the material that you create.

Offer your services as a transcriptor

Consider using transcription services if you pay close attention to detail. You take the information that you hear and turn it into textual form. You will need to have a strong command of grammar and the availability to listen to the audio for extended periods of time (sometimes several hours). Still, in exchange, you will have the opportunity to earn a respectable income on the side by assisting businesses in converting their oral communications into written content. Since specific organizations provide you the freedom to set your own hours, this makes for a great side income for instructors.

Make money off of your photographs

Do you have a talent for shooting truly amazing images? You may get a modest commission on each sale made through websites such as Shutterstock, where you can also sell your photographs. You do not need to print the images; instead, you offer digital access that enables the purchaser to do anything they choose with the photo. This allows you to sell an unlimited number of copies.

Get a second job as a bartender

Bartending is an excellent side business for teachers since it allows them to interact with people of various ages throughout the day, rather than just children all day long. Because you won't be teaching over the summer, it will be much simpler for you to be out (and awake) later in the evening, which is when the majority of your income from this side business will come from tips.

Become a barista

Get a second job as a barista if you enjoy the aroma of coffee and get customers excited by creating new and exciting coffee beverages, this is just perfect for you. Because the early bird shift is typically difficult to staff, neighborhood coffee shops are looking for folks like you who are willing to get up early and work. Because certain businesses, like Starbucks, are accustomed to having college students work for them, they provide flexible working hours. This is among the reasons we consider it an excellent second job for instructors.

Work in the real estate industry and sell homes

Because you don't have to work a typical 40-hour workweek to be a real estate agent, this is one of teachers' best supplemental income opportunities. Given that real estate brokers are paid on commission alone, the amount of success they achieve is directly proportional to how much effort is put in. There are a lot of teachers who also work as real estate brokers on the side. You can do this either during the evenings, on the weekends, or for longer hours during the summer months when the real estate market is very active. Working as a real estate agent may be a terrific option for using an income-based repayment plan for your student loans and an excellent method to pay down your existing student debt.

Try out these side jobs for teachers to get some extra income!

It is not necessary for adjunct positions held by educators to be complicated or stressful. There is a variety of side hustles that instructors can engage in on their own time to have fun, bring in a little bit of extra money, or find stress relief and joy in the activities while making some more income. If you find that the income from your teaching profession isn't enough to cover your living expenses, taking up additional work on the side can be the solution.

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