The 14 Most Exciting New Small Business Concepts and Opportunities to Launch Right Now

The 14 Most Exciting New Small Business Concepts and Opportunities to Launch Right Now

Do you have the itch to start your own small business? You'veIt's easy to become enamored with the idea of starting your own business; you have probably heard of those who made it big on their own and worked for themselves. It's odd, but I never considered establishing my own business when I was younger, not as a youngster, not in high school, not even in college. I didn't think about it much when I started working. Starting my own little business was one of the best ideas I've ever had when I eventually had the opportunity and realized what it really meant.

Start today with one of these 14 business ideas.

Here are some of the top new small business ideas to consider if you're trying to start your own company. Here are the finest small company credit cards to consider when starting a new firm.

1. Uber

Uber is at the top of this list because it has become one of the most convenient options for those with a clean driving record to start their own business. You can generate enough money during non-business hours to support your family. It takes little training to get started. You won't become rich driving for Uber. Still, you'll be able to work when you want and pursue a small business concept that you're more passionate about. A background check will be conducted after you join up on their website. After that, you must get a car inspection before you may drive.

2. Financial advisor

How could I leave my profession out of a list of the best small business ideas? Some of the advantages of becoming a financial planner include choosing your own hours, the ability to work with the people you want to work with, and the potential for significant remuneration. I don't want to give the impression that becoming a financial advisor is a piece of cake since it is not. Building a client base takes time, sometimes several years, and getting recruited might be difficult, especially if you don't have a financial background. Independent organizations like Primerica and World Financial Group do allow you to break into the market. Still, they frequently require you first to obtain your insurance license. Still, it's an excellent method to get your foot in the door of a great profession.

3. Agent for insurance

While the job description of selling insurance may not be enticing to some, the truth remains that it pays handsomely. Insurance agents can earn much money whether they specialize in the life insurance or property and casualty insurance. To become certified, you need to pass a few basic tests, which will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, including study materials and testing fees. It is currently very simple to become an independent life insurance agent because there are so many independent brokerages to choose from. I'm in the midst of expanding my financial planning firm to include an insurance division. So far, we've run into a few roadblocks in getting accepted by any P&C carriers. It might be challenging to get approved for property and liability insurance, especially if you live in a remote area. Nonetheless, suppose you enjoy working with people and enjoy helping them. In that case, insurance is a great profession and a great small business concept to pursue.

4. Author

The irony is that, despite having a blog and you reading one of my posts right now, I wouldn't say I like writing. Mainly because it isn't a natural talent; it takes much time, energy, and extra mental power to produce a good post; nevertheless, freelance writing could be for you if you can consistently produce quality posts in your own time. Miranda Marquit, one of my freelance writers, has turned her freelance writing into a full-time small business. As a freelance writer, she is able to work from home for no more than 30 hours per week while also supporting her family financially. You can learn more about her story in an essay she wrote about how to be a successful freelance writer. Not bad for having the ability to type 70 words per minute.

5. Create and Market Clothes

My wife was thrilled to show off my son's first birthday shirt, which she had created herself with the help of a local seamstress. This became a habit for all of my children's birthdays and other special occasions. It turns out that Angie Congiardo has built herself an excellent side company doing what she knows best: sewing. She did it on the side and told me that the first full year she tracked it, she was able to earn $11,000 on the side. Not bad for a small business she started from her home. She doesn't advertise other than through her Facebook Fanpage, which is entirely free, as most of you know. If you can sew any form of apparel, you can convert it into a bit of business.

6. Say cheese

Do you have an interest in photography? If you do, there is undoubtedly a market for you. I have two pals who have made much money as photographers. Jason York of Jason York Photography, one of my best friends, has converted his passion for photography into a full-time business. He currently has his own studio and is one of our area's most well-known photographers. Thanks to today's fantastic camera technology and the free editing software tools available, taking images and getting paid for them has never been easier. Another of our friends, who works full-time, has been able to supplement his income by taking images in the evenings and on weekends. She did it by selling her business on Facebook by word of mouth, just like Angie.

7. Babysitting or dog walking

With three small sons, getting out of the house for some "us" time is virtually required for my wife and me. We want to make sure we've hired a babysitter we know and trust before we leave, and one of the first times we had a babysitter come in, my wife and I debated how much we should pay. We came to the conclusion that we should pay a little bit more than they might make elsewhere because we didn't want to be cheap with our babysitters, who would be responsible for our children for the few hours we were gone. Babysitting will always be in demand as long as young families continue having children. The same can be said about dog sitting. We'll take Klaya, our pet boxer, to a nearby dog sitting agency every time we go on a long trip. The idea is that individuals are always willing to pay top cash for quality care. They've earned a solid reputation for keeping the dogs entertained while allowing them to run and play and cleaning them up before we return home.

8. Virtual assistance

I had no idea what a virtual assistant was until reading Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Work Week. I was so inspired after reading his book that I was anxious to figure out how I could incorporate one into my life. I have a virtual assistant who assists me with some of the behind-the-scenes work on my site in today's world. While I can do it myself, it's all the administrative work that is well worth paying someone else an hourly wage to perform for me. What does a virtual assistant perform, exactly? A virtual assistant can essentially do anything you want. They can set up meetings, send emails, take phone calls, conduct web research, and make travel arrangements. What a virtual assistant cannot do is a better question. If you frequently find yourself wasting time on insignificant tasks when you could be more productive and earn more money doing something you're more enthusiastic about, consider hiring a virtual assistant. You can discover a virtual assistant for a low price on websites such as and

9. Manager of Social Media

Being a social media manager has never been more in demand as Facebook and Twitter continue to develop and new social networks such as Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram gain traction. Many small businesses, brands, and websites are looking for somebody who is social media expert who can help them handle all of the various platforms available. Being a social media manager is totally up to your alley if you enjoy Facebook and Twitter and can give value to other small businesses by teaching them how to use these platforms.

10. Service of appraisal

Before becoming a financial advisor, one of my former coworkers worked in the appraisal business. He kept his license open because he was frequently contacted by persons in need of commercial appraisal services. Appraisals will always be required, whether for residential or commercial properties, as long as people are buying and selling them. There aren't many requirements to enter, only a few tests to pass, but it may be a highly profitable small business once you do. You'll need to shake some hands and create some important contacts to let people know you exist, just like any new business. Still, if you do a good job and build up a decent clientele, referrals from word of mouth will start to pour in.

11. Advisory service

Do you have a reputation for being an expert in your area or a particular niche? If that's the case, consulting could be a great fit for you. Many businesses choose to hire consultants over full-time employees because they are less expensive. One of the significant advantages of beginning your own consulting small business, from your perspective, is that the startup expenditures are often highly minimal. The information is already in your possession. You only need a new website, a game plan, and a marketing strategy to get in front of the correct people now.

12. Create a personal blog

Many people wish they could write a blog article in their pjs and get paid for it. Although many people can turn their blogs into real small businesses, they are in the minority. Fortunately, I love it. It takes much effort to maintain a blog. I spend 20+ hours per week handling the everyday operations of this blog behind the scenes. How much money can a blogger make? The sky is the limit, but it takes time to get there. It took me more than 5 months to receive my first Google Adsense payment from this blog, and it was only $100. It isn't worth quitting your day job for. Since then, I've been able to generate a steady stream of extra revenue. "You're making more money from your blog than I do from my job!" my wife would declare a few times while still working. Hehe…

No.13 Hairstylist

If I tried to cut my own hair, I'd be a few fingers short of having a complete set. That is why I seek professional assistance. For the past few years, the lady who has been cutting my hair has hopped around a few salons in the region until ultimately opening her own shop, fittingly titled after her first name. She has a loyal clientele because she is skilled in her field and hasn't looked back since taking the risk. She uses her iPhone as both a business phone line and a credit card terminal to save money, thanks to some fantastic Intuit technology. However, because she is cost-conscious, her profits have reached new highs and continue to rise. At the same time, she enjoys the independence of running her own business.

14. Start a Business Franchise

In high school, I knew a friend whose parents owned four or five McDonald's restaurants in the neighborhood. They were loaded, to say the least! Franchises are ideal for those who don't want to worry about coming up with a business idea; they can follow an established business plan and concentrate on the business. My friend, a serial franchise entrepreneur, has created numerous Little Caesar pizza franchises in our area. They seem to be doing well. He decided to start another franchise, Sports Clips, a hair shop for guys because he wasn't pleased with his victories. He's now opened three of them and continues to expand his empire. Because each franchise is unique, it's critical to read all of the fine print before committing to a franchise.

Your Upcoming Small Business Chance

I enjoy hearing about folks that have a great small company idea and decide to go for it. Unfortunately, the chances are stacked against you, so do your homework and keep enough cash on hand.

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