Your Money's Best Bets for the Shortest Term Investing Opportunities in 2022

Although I'm looking to invest $65,000, I'm not looking for the same rate of return that I might obtain from a bank. For a short-term investment, where should I place my money today in order to get the best return with the least amount of risk? The Federal Reserve has kept the rate of interest it charges on short-term loans at 0% for the last several years. The Federal Funds rate is now a meager 0.33 percent, despite the fact that rate hikes were only just initiated by the Fed. As a consequence, short-term bond interest rates are still below 0.5 percent, and in several European countries, rates are even harmful. People, organizations, and governments, in particular, are paying the bank to keep their money safe, according to this data set. Investing for the short term becomes very challenging as a result of all of this. The days are long gone when your grandma could invest in savings bonds and make a respectable living off of them. Almost little interest is earned on savings accounts; nonetheless, my financial institution is still offering 0.1 percent. Investing in today's market means taking on more risk than in the past if you expect to see any form of return. So I'm intrigued by cryptocurrency savings accounts and have put some money in Blockfi that I'll need in the near future. Blockfi pays me 7.25 percent interest on the money I put in there. When it started cracking down on these kinds of accounts, the SEC made headlines. Since new investors cannot access these accounts via BlockFi, there are alternative options available to them. What remains to be seen, then, is...At the end of the day, what eventually happens is determined by two significant factors:

  1. What exactly do you intend to do with the money?
  2. How do you characterize something as being "short-term"?
The first question has a relatively straightforward response. However, "short-term" might mean something entirely different depending on the circumstances. Are you looking to make an investment for a period of six months? 1 year? 3 years? Your investment time horizon will have a significant impact on which of the concepts presented in this article will be most suited for you. It may be as few as five. In any case, we provide you with a number of alternatives for your consideration. The following are some of the most significant short-term investments you can make in 2022, whether you want to invest $10,000 or $100,000. These investments carry little to no risk, and investors can rest confident that their money will not be locked up for extended periods of time.


In a bitcoin savings account, you may earn up to 8.05 percent annually.


Discover Online Savings: 0.40 percent


CIT Bank: 1.00 percent

What I Search for in Investments with a Short-Term Horizon

The standard return on a short-term investment may range from a few months to a few years, during which time it is anticipated to grow, and once it reaches maturity, it can be converted into cash or further short-term investments. I look at investments with a short-term horizon as a method to safeguard capital that I may, at some point in the not too distant future, wish to put to constructive use. Because I do not want my financial situation to deteriorate, I am not prepared to take significant risks with it. A quality short-term investment must contain the following characteristics:
  1. Stability denotes a low historical risk of experiencing a loss of capital during a period of relatively short duration. The stock market is not a good fit for me here.
  2. Liquidity is essential to me because I want to be able to swiftly and easily convert the investment into cash if necessary. One kind of investment that isn't liquid is one in which you put your money into real estate.
  3. Low transaction costs: The cost of entering or exiting the investment should be very low or even zero.
(In the world of finance, "long term" investments are genuinely long term and may endure for decades, which means that there is an opportunity for short-term investments that can still last for many years. Here is a rundown of some of the most lucrative long-term investments that are open to your consideration. You have access to a number of different short-term investment accounts, and the one that is most suitable for you will depend on the specifics of your position as well as your personal preferences.

The Top 12 Best Investments for the Short Term That Help You Limit Your Risk

  1. Crypto Earn Account
  2. Bank Savings Accounts
  3. Money Market Accounts
  4. Alternative Investments
  5. Certificate of Deposits (CD)
  6. Roth IRA
  7. Checking Accounts
  8. Short-Term Bond Funds and ETFs
  9. 5-Year Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities
  10. Municipal Bonds and Corporate Bonds
  11. Pay Off High-Interest Debt
  12. Cash Back Rewards Offers
  13. Bonus Idea: Prosper

1. An account to earn cryptocurrency

Let's be honest: if you put your money in a bank savings account, you won't see any return on it. Because of this, opening a savings account in a cryptocurrency appears to make the most sense to me of all of the things on this list. As a result, I have placed a considerable amount of cash that I will need in the near future in this savings account. Stay with me on this one. When using a cryptocurrency exchange such as BlockFi, Gemini, or Celsius Network, you may make a cash deposit by purchasing a stablecoin (not actual cash). Because of the stablecoin's one-to-one trading relationship with the dollar, it is always possible to swap one stable coin for one US dollar. Because it may be accessed at any moment, the money that you have is said to be highly liquid. Gemini acts similarly to a bank in that it extends credit to third parties, but the loans it provides are denominated in bitcoin. Gemini has the ability to pay you up to 8.05 percent annually in stablecoin (they have USDC and GUSD), both of which are convertible into US dollars. The annual percentage rate of 8.05 percent is much over 16 times higher than the rate you would obtain at the bank. So, what are some of the drawbacks? The disadvantage is that having an account to save bitcoin is not the same as having an account to save money at a traditional financial institution. Your funds are not protected by the FDIC in the same way that they are in a conventional bank. Theft in the digital realm is another source of worry. Gemini does have its own insurance of deposited monies that can defend against theft or other difficulties, but it is not particularly simple to figure out how exactly it varies from FDIC insurance. Gemini's insurance can guard against theft or other problems. Gemini is an alternative bank that I feel has potential despite the dangers involved. If you are interested, I suggest opening a bank account with a modest sum of money (not the whole amount) and gradually increasing the amount, dependent on how much risk you are willing to take. Be prepared for some hiccups along the road as you navigate the transition to using cryptocurrencies, which are here to stay and seem to be the next step in the development of banking.

2. An account for saving money online

A high yield savings account might be the solution for you if you are seeking a means to make some interest on your money that does not involve taking any risks. If you maintain your money in one of these accounts, you will receive a little bit of interest on it each month just for doing so. This approach needs practically little work on your side other than creating an account and putting money into it. Other than that, there is nothing more you need to do. The most exemplary high yield savings accounts do not charge their customers any fees while yet providing competitive interest rates. I strongly suggest that you check into the following options for savings accounts: APY from DISCOVER up to 0.50 percent, APY from CIT BANK up to 0.95 percent, and APY from UFB DIRECT up to 1.51 percent

3. Accounts on the Money Market

The top money market accounts presently give annual percentage yields that are comparable to those offered by one-year certificates of deposit (APY), but customers may still have rapid access to their money. The depositors are given ATM cards, cheques, and deposit slips when they open one of these accounts. Money Market accounts are evaluated on the basis of the current balance in the performance rather than the amount of time the money has been invested. People have a tendency to think of money market accounts as a form of "savings account on steroids" because of the combination of all of these different characteristics. You have a good chance of achieving a better rate of return, despite the fact that the level of risk is relatively low. THE ANNUAL PROFIT RATIO (APY) OF CIT BANK IS UP TO 1.20 PERCENT ANNUAL PROFIT RATIO (APY) OF UFB DIRECT IS UP TO 1.51 PERCENT

4. Diversified Investment Options

Alternative investments are essential to the development of a balanced and varied investment portfolio. The issue is that many alternative investments aren't particularly liquid and need a holding period of at least a few years to be profitable in the long run. For instance, real estate has long been recognized as a reliable alternative investment. But the investor is in it for the long term, unless they are in the business of flipping properties. Because of this, I am pretty enthusiastic about a pair of brand new peer-to-peer investing ideas for the near term, which I will detail below. These investments are still categorized as alternatives due to the fact that they are not traded on stock exchanges; nevertheless, we are fortunate since they do not come with a time horizon of ten years.


Fundrise is an online provider of low-cost ETFs for the real estate industry. Each investor will purchase and be responsible for managing its own particular real estate holdings. FUNDRISE
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • The anticipated return ranges from 8 to 12 Through Lending Club, as an alternative to purchasing shares in a firm, users may choose to lend their money to either people or companies. They give you back your money plus interest!


  • The minimum deposit is $25
  • A return of 4-7 percent is anticipated.

Indefatigable Ties

When you invest in small businesses via Worthy Bonds, you do so by buying the bonds issued by such companies. The investor, who is you, will get an interest rate that is always the same: 5%.


  • The minimum deposit is ten dollars
  • Set return of five percent is expected

    5. Deposits in the form of Certificates (CDs)
A Certificate of Deposit, usually known as a "CD," is a kind of savings account that guarantees a specific interest rate for a predetermined period of time. Be careful you purchase your CD from a financial institution that is FDIC-insured (your money is protected for up to $250,000). Generally speaking, the return will be greater the longer the duration of the investment, which might vary anywhere from three months to five years. The most exemplary certificate of deposit option, in my view, is offered by CIT Bank. Even though there is no early withdrawal penalty on their 11-month certificate of deposit, the rates are still quite competitive.

6. A Roth IRA account

When you contribute to a Roth IRA, you have complete discretion over the amount of money you may withdraw at any one time. Make sure you understand that removing the money will result in a fine; doing so is not permitted. As a result, forming a Roth IRA and investing in a variety of financial instruments such as mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and so on may help you earn a return on your investment. Regardless of what you do, this money will continue to grow, possibly until the time that you retire. However, if you only want it to grow for a brief period of time, you are free to withdraw the contributions, which, if the market does well, will be worth more in value than what you initially invested.

7. Bank Checking Accounts You Can Access Online

An online checking account, much like an online savings account, may also serve the purpose of meeting the requirements of a short-term investment. You receive many of the advantages of online savings accounts in addition to even more liquidity than traditional savings accounts provide since there is no restriction on the number of withdrawals you may make. Most online checking accounts provide additional financial incentives as a bonus! Due to low- interest rates, the deal is much more enticing than it was before. Check out these tips for good places to create a checking account online right now: DISCOVER $150 if you deposit $15k $200 if you deposit $25k NOVO BANK (BUSINESS) $50 off for first-time customers CHASE (COLLEGE STUDENTS) $100 off for first-time customers

8. Exchange-Traded Funds and Funds of Short-Term Bonds

Products known as short-term bond funds are investments that are typically only handled and managed by qualified financial advisors. However, bonds have the potential to earn a more significant income, despite the fact that their level of stability is lower than that of money markets. These bonds are a creation of the market, and their payouts, which take the form of variable monthly installments, will vary according to how the market is currently functioning. Because the terms of short-term bonds often expire in less than two years, they might be an excellent option for investors whose timelines are of the sort described above.

9. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities with a Term of 5 Years

TIPS, which stands for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, are bonds issued by the government that is linked to the rate of inflation. Although the interest rate on TIPS is constant, the value of the security itself increases in line with inflation as assessed by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Even though you may only get 0.5 percent in interest (paid every other year), the value of the bond may improve by 2.5 percent per year during the course of the bond's five-year term. As a consequence of this, at the conclusion of the term, the value of your original investment will be the same as it was when you initially put money into it. On the other hand, you will accumulate a trace amount of interest on top of it. You may purchase Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) directly from the government at However, since the income earned on TIPS is subject to taxation, the majority of investors choose instead to put their money into a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that focuses on TIPS. You will need a brokerage account in order to buy shares of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) or a mutual fund. TD Ameritrade and E*Trade are both great places to start your hunt for a new brokerage account.

10. municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and other types of bonds

In spite of the fact that municipal bonds have a little higher level of risk than Treasury, I Bonds, and different types of Treasury investments, the vast majority of municipalities do not fail on their bond obligations. The "interest rate risk" is the danger that poses the more significant threat. When interest rates are low, the value of bonds tends to decline if there is an increase in the overall rate of interest in the marketplace. In today's market, a return of 4 percent on a municipal bond would be considered to be quite good. However, if rates were to rise and your bond lost 6% of its value; as a result, you would find yourself in an unfavorable position in the equation. However, the fall in the value of the bond will only affect you in a negative way if you sell it before it matures. If you keep the bond until it matures, you will receive back the whole amount of your original investment, in addition to the interest that was paid to you during that time. Corporate bonds have an even more significant amount of risk than municipal and Treasury bonds since they are not guaranteed by a state, local, or federal government. As is usually the case, taking on more risk might potentially result in a higher rate of return. Corporate bonds are susceptible to the same interest rate risk as other types of bonds; however, hanging onto them until maturity will remove this particular risk. In order to trade individual bonds, bond mutual funds, and bond exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you will need a brokerage account from a company like TD Ameritrade or E*Trade.

11. Pay Off Debts With High-Interest Rates

You want to get a good return on your investment, don't you? Pay off the debts that have a high- interest rate. If you hold a load of $10,000 on a credit card that has an interest rate of 15% and pay the minimum payment each month, you have the potential for a significant increase in the return on your investment. If you pay off that loan, it will be the same as receiving a return of 15% on the $10,000 you originally invested. You are not only receiving an excellent return on investment, but you are also preventing the expenditure of money for further spending in the future and improving your entire financial status. It's the best of all possible worlds. You don't need outside help to settle a loan with a high-interest rate.

Credit Card Debt

As a result of customers in the United States feeling financially squeezed at the end of the month, credit card debt is gradually increasing. If you carry a balance on more than one credit card, it is in your best interest to formulate a plan to pay off the debt as quickly as you can.

Mortgage Debt

If you haven't already refinanced your mortgage, now would be an excellent time to do it since interest rates are very close to reaching all-time lows. If you can reduce the interest rate on your loan by 0.50 percentage points or more, you may be able to put tens of thousands of dollars back into your own pocket. There aren't many investments that can compete with that.

Student Loan Debt

Do you not currently have a mortgage? There is a significant chance that you have student loans; thus, check to see whether you are eligible for refinancing; doing so might end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. When it comes to eliminating debt, doing the arithmetic is easy. For example, if the interest rate on your loan is now 7 percent and you refinance it at 3 percent, you will get a return on your money of 4 percent.

12. Cash Back Offers and Other Rewards

According to Johnson, "Credit card rewards may deliver significant earnings with minimal effort on your side." One of the best ways to make money rapidly is to use this strategy.

The operation is as follows:

Let's imagine you wanted to get your hands on the enormous signup bonus that comes with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card, and so you applied for it. If you spend $4,000 on the card during the first three months of having it, the current offer will give you 50,000 bonus points that are worth $500. You may earn this incentive without making any out-of-pocket payments to do so since the yearly price of $95 will not be charged to you during the first year of membership. If you want to get the most out of an offer like this one, you should try to fulfill the minimum spending criteria with things that you were planning to purchase otherwise. Consider your monthly costs for things like food, petrol, and bills. If you want to avoid paying interest on your credit card, you will simply pay off the balance on your card immediately.

Bonus Idea – Prosper

Borrowers on Prosper are not subject to a predetermined interest rate that the company establishes. Instead, the website facilitates the connection of borrowers and lenders via the use of bidding in an online auction setting. Because of this arrangement, lenders have more control over their monthly revenue since they are only required to accept interest rates that are within their comfort zone. Borrowers provide information about their loans along with the maximum possible interest rate they are prepared to pay. After that, the lenders compete to reduce the interest rate to the lowest amount of interest they are ready to take by bidding against one another. This characteristic ensures the stability of a high yield income that can be predicted in advance TMon the notes.

The Crux of the Matter

Don't be hesitant to go outside the box if you're searching for a location to put some cash aside for the short term since this will provide you more options. You shouldn't have any problem spending your money on any one of the many cutting-edge internet platforms available today since the world wide web is always undergoing development. Investing for the short term, on the other hand, entails a quite different strategy than investing for the long run, as I discussed above. When you need to invest your money for only a few weeks or months, you don't want to pour cash into investments that are difficult to liquidate, charge fees for withdrawals, or are too risky for the short term. Instead, you should look for investments that are easy to liquidate and don't charge fees for withdrawals.

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