10 great websites let you find out how much your home is worth

10 great websites let you find out how much your home is worth

Your home value matters. The majority of people's most valuable possession is their own house. Thorough knowledge of your home's value is essential if you ever want to sell, refinance, or get a loan based on it. The majority of approaches to evaluating the worth of your property include more art than science. In the event that you decide to get a mortgage refinancing and maybe take some cash out of your property, your lender will request an appraisal, in which a third party will determine how much your home is worth. The value of your property will eventually be determined by how much another buyer is willing to pay if you decide to sell your home via a real estate agent. However, if you are interested in monitoring the worth of your property over time, there are a variety of online home assessment services that may assist you in gaining a more profound comprehension of your home's value. A word of caution: the value that these websites provide you is merely an estimate, and the actual value of your house may be much different from what these sites report. Continue reading below to discover more about the worth of your property and to try out some of the online home assessment applications that are now available on the market.

Why the Value of Your Home Is Important

In addition to serving as a dwelling for you and your loved ones, your house is also an essential component of your overall financial strategy.

This is why it is significant:

Investment value: Your house should, according to the general rule of thumb, improve in value over time. Your wealth grows together with the value of your home as it appreciates at a price. If you decide to sell the house at a later date, you will realize a profit on the initial investment.
  • Borrowing power: This is particularly important to keep in mind in the event that you ever need to borrow money against the value of your house. You may utilize a HELOC to pay for items like home improvements, autos, or educational opportunities for your children if the value of your property rises sufficiently.
  • Implications for taxes: Jamie Pomeroy, a financial advisor in Minnesota, says, "It's important to keep an eye on the market value and the property tax assessment value so that you don't accidentally pay tax on an artificially inflated property value" and vice versa.
  • Resell value: "If you plan to sell your home in the next three years, you should keep an eye on its value and the real estate market," says Jose V. Sanchez, a financial advisor, and contributor to LifeInsuranceToolkit.com.
  • Estate planning: Last but not least, Joseph A. Carbone, Jr., CFP, Founder and Wealth Advisor of Focus Planning Group, says that understanding the worth of your property might be significant not just when it comes to estate planning but also when it comes to elder law care planning.
  • Insurance for home-based businesses: You shouldn't ignore the fact that understanding the worth of your property is essential if you want to ensure that you have enough coverage for your homeowner's insurance policy.
So, if do is below, you can find out what your rate will be and how much you will be approved for. You're thinking about a mortgage refinancing or a home equity loan, the best thing you can get a free quote so you can compare your options. By selecting your state from the list

What is the estimated value of your home? The following is a list of the top ten greatest internet tools that may assist you in estimating the worth of your home:

Zillow Trulia Redfin Realtor.com Real Estate ABC Eppraisal.com HomeGain.com Mortgage Services Provided by Chase RE/MAX ForSaleByOwner.com

1. Zillow

Zillow is one of the best-known and most-used websites for keeping track of how much your home is worth. Joseph Carbone, a financial expert with whom I spoke, said that the best thing about Zillow is how well organized and easy to use the website is. Simply inputting the value of your property into the user-friendly interface of the website, you will get a Zestimate, which is an estimate of the worth of your home that was developed by Zillow. Utilizing the user-friendly tools provided on the internet, you may not only get an estimate of how much your property could be worth, but you can also look for properties in your region. How to determine the worth of your house? If Zillow has a Zestimate for your specific home, all you have to do is type in your address. For the most up-to-date information on the worth of your house, sign up for a free account. There is a lot of pressure on other free property value estimators since they have set the bar so high.

2. Trulia

Trulia.com serves a purpose similar to that of Zillow. When you go to the website, you will be able to input your address so that you may get an estimate of how much your house is now worth. Trulia, on the other hand, provides the typical listing price of comparable properties in your region rather than giving an estimate as Zestimate does. Trulia provides additional information, such as the average list price for all properties in your neighborhood, as well as specific facts about your property, such as the square footage, lot size, and information regarding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Trulia is ready to assist you with its own authorized set of lenders if you want to refinance your current mortgage on your house. How to determine the worth of your house? After entering your address on the homepage search bar, you will be sent to a page that has a great deal of information about your home and property, and you will be prompted to get in touch with them so that they can provide you with an estimate.

3. Redfin

Redfin Estimate is another website that has become very popular among homeowners and people who are interested in real estate. Redfin lets you find out about a property's neighborhood, how "walkable" it is, and how much its annual property taxes are. A few details regarding the home you'd want to purchase are all that is required. According to Sanchez, a financial advisor, the data on this website may be somewhat more accurate. When determining the current market value of your home, Redfin, in its capacity as a broker, consults the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which has the most accurate data available. Jose V. Sanchez

How to determine the worth of your house?

Simply typing in your address into the search box on the site of Redfin and clicking the "See Property Estimate" button will immediately provide you with an estimate of how much your home is now worth. They will break out how they arrive at their estimations as they are working on the calculation.

4. Realtor.com

Although it may seem like a place where real estate experts congregate, everyone is welcome to utilize the website Realtor.com at no cost. Simply input the address of your home into the homepage of the website, and you will be presented with a variety of data, including an estimated value of your property. You won't only get an estimate of the price; you'll also learn about the schools in the vicinity, the median listing price in the neighborhood, and even the property tax assessments. This tool is also helpful for gathering information about your neighbor's house and estimating the monthly mortgage payment they could be making.

How to determine the worth of your house?

If you enter your location in the search field and then choose the "Property Worth" option, you will immediately get an estimate. Also, you may create an account, claim your house, and get frequent notifications on how much it is worth.

5. Real Estate ABC

The Zestimate that you get from Real Estate ABC is the same as the one you get from Zillow.com since the two websites are connected. However, one of the things about this website that I like the most is that it provides a wealth of information on recent property sales in your region. You will ultimately be able to find out how much the buyer of a home down the street paid for it by checking Real Estate ABC. If the property was sold, then yes. Because recent sales are the most trustworthy indicator of your home's current value, this kind of information might be priceless.

How to determine the worth of your house?

If you input the required information into the areas that are given on the site, you will quickly get your home's worth; nevertheless, the interface for the site is quite primary and archaic. In addition to not requiring any contact information, they provide up to 30 free deliveries for each address.

6. Eppraisal.com

Eppraisal.com operates in a manner that is similar to those of the other websites on our list. It provides its own appraisal of the worth of your property in certain instances and a Zestimate from Zillow.com in others. Eppraisal provides information on properties sold in the neighborhood, as well as current refinancing rates and other relevant data, in addition to providing property prices. You don't even need to provide your email address to receive access to all of this information that's available on Eppraisal.com; it's completely free.

How to determine the worth of your house?

Simply enter the address in the search field that is located in the top right corner, and you will be presented with the results of your property worth without having to make any further contact. You will get an estimate from Eppraisal in addition to one from Zillow, and the disparity between the two may be startling.

7. HomeGain.com

HomeGain.com is primarily a house purchasing site; however, one of its widgets provides users with a cost-free method to determine the worth of their own property. The disadvantage of using HomeGain is that in order to get "unlimited MLS data" for your region, you are required to provide them with your email address. You will very certainly get included in a massive mailing list as a result of this, regardless of whether you want to be or not.

How to determine the worth of your house?

You may discover an estimate of your home's worth by following the instructions on the homepage of the HomeGain website. As time goes on, you'll be asked for your phone number and email address so that someone may get in touch with you. You shouldn't anticipate quick results even if the user interface is attractive.

8. Mortgage Banking Services Provided by Chase

Despite the fact that this may surprise you, Chase Bank provides a free online home appraisal calculator. All you have to do is enter your home's location, state, and zip code to get an estimate of its market value. Chase provides a price range in which they believe your house should be listed rather than a precise evaluation of its value. This is a beautiful tool to play around with since it also provides an estimate of the worth of each and every house that is located in your neighborhood. The best part is that it does not need you to provide any of your personal information, is entirely free, and is very simple to use.

How to determine the worth of your house?

Simply entering your address will allow you to get an estimate of the valuation range that your home falls within. You will also get a list of other local sales to evaluate for comparative purposes.


Additionally, real estate company RE/MAX has entered the fray by releasing their very own house worth calculator. Although it is quite probable that this is a tactic to get you to employ their services when you sell your property, the online tool is unlocked at no cost and is simple to operate. Obtaining a free estimate of your home's value does not need providing any personal information, such as your email address. After you have entered your address, a color map of your neighborhood along with a list of the house values of all of your neighbors will be shown to you. Because real estate companies base their estimates on data from the MLS, this tool has a tendency to provide a pretty reasonable estimate of the worth of most homes as well.

How to determine the worth of your house?

If you follow the straightforward steps, the system will generate estimates for you that you can then evaluate side by side. You may get in touch with them to get a more precise estimate.


Despite the fact that this website was developed to assist homeowners in advertising and marketing their own houses in place of working with a realtor, it provides a number of resources that may be of use to any homeowner. The Pricing Scout tool is available at no cost and is simple to use. After registering, you will get a summary of local real estate features as well as an estimate of the current market worth of your house that is calculated based on previously sold similar homes in your region.

How to determine the worth of your house?

Simply fill in your address, and you will get a report that consists of a grading scale for your home's market worth as well as a list of comparable sales in the area.

Keeping Tabs on the Value of Your Home

A home has progressively grown in price throughout the course of our lives. Home prices have a significant impact on our financial well-being, as well as our capacity to get financing. You may find it interesting to see how much your house has valued over time, even if you have no plans to ever sell it. A lot of individuals have successfully consolidated their personal debt using the equity in their house, or they've utilized it to invest in starting a company out of their home. Although it is essential that you be continually aware of the worth of your assets, you should make an effort to avoid becoming too connected to the fluctuations in those prices. You should keep in mind that these websites and others that allow you to watch the value of your property development are not accurate. The only time you will receive an honest answer to the question "how much is my home worth?" is when you sell the home or borrow money against it. You should consult with at least two or three real estate agents or mortgage lenders in order to get price suggestions. This is because, in order to get "the real thing," which refers to a price that accurately reflects all of the elements that go into determining the price of a home, you need to do so. There is a good chance that a real estate agent will be able to provide more insight into your local market than any internet real estate tool could offer at any point in time.

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