Chase Blueprint Review: Overview, Facts, Features, Plans, Pros and Cons

Chase Blueprint Review: Overview, Facts, Features, Plans, Pros and Cons

Have you ever had trouble keeping track of your credit card spending? Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that you're being charged interest on your everyday purchases as you try to pay off your debt? Blueprint is a new set of tools from Chase Bank, that intends to help you manage your credit card usage and pay off your debt in a systematic way. This is a perk that only certain Chase credit cards provide. Blueprint isn't available through any of your other credit cards, and not every Chase card qualifies.

What is Chase Blueprint?

Chase credit cardholders have access to Blueprint, an online program. It can assist you with a number of credit card duties, such as avoiding interest and paying off a large balance using a specialized debt-reduction plan.

What does blueprint help me with?

Blueprint can assist you in the following four areas:

1. Avoid interest on everyday purchases

You tell Chase which categories of everyday spending you wish to pay off in full every month with the Full Pay option. Instead of grouping all of the charges together on your account, the company will split those costs and allow you to pay off that sum in full. This allows you to avoid paying interest on the food you bought last week, despite the fact that you would still be carrying a load on a larger debt. Additionally, this might assist you with your financial planning. You know you'll spend $200 on food each month and can budget accordingly... rather than spending $200 plus interest.

2. Pay off a big purchase with a plan

Split is an additional Blueprint option. This allows you to choose a recent purchase and tell Chase how quickly you'd like to pay it off. What is the potential benefit of this? Let's say your refrigerator broke down and you had to use your credit card to replace it last month. You're well aware that you have an extra $250 per month to go toward the debt. Blueprint will remind you to pay that amount each month rather than you having to remember. Additionally, your progress toward your debt reduction objective will be shown on each statement that you receive. This can help you stay motivated to pay off the refrigerator and put your money toward greater and better things.

3. Pay off your debt with a scheduled plan

Finish it, the third Blueprint option is great. Who knew your credit card company might assist you in getting out of debt? You tell Chase how much of a balance you wish to pay off in this section of the program. You can also specify when you want to be debt-free or how much money you have to contribute toward the debt. Blueprint does the arithmetic for you and creates a payment schedule for you. Every statement will provide you an update on how close you are to paying off the debt as you make progress with your payments each month.

4. Keep yourself from spending too much

Raise your hand if you enjoy creating a monthly budget and tracking your spending. Is there no one? Track It, the final section of Chase Blueprint, allows you to create spending targets for specific kinds of spending. You can check-in at any time to see how much money you've spent. This might assist you in determining what an average month in your spending looks like and make budgeting much easier.

Which chase credit cards come with a blueprint?

Blueprint isn't available with every Chase credit card. Blueprint is now available with one of the following cards:

Chase Slate® card

  • Apply for the Chase Slate® card and receive no debt transfer fees for the first 60 days of card ownership, as well as a 15-month 0% APR. (To learn more about this limited-time promotion, read our complete review.)

Chase Sapphire Preferred® card

  • After spending $4,000 on your card within 90 days, you'll get 50,000 points.
  • Build up your Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which are the most versatile travel points available, making this one of the finest travel cards.
  • The first year's annual cost of $95 is waived.

Chase Freedom

  • Chase Freedom is a wonderful alternative if you don't need to transfer a balance and want to optimize your cash back returns. You'll get 5% cash back on certain categories that rotate every three months, plus 1% cash back on everything else.
  • After spending $500 on your card within 90 days, you'll get a nice signup bonus.

Ink Plus® for business

  • After spending $5,000 on your card within 90 days, you'll get 60,000 points.
  • Earn 5X points at office supply stores, 2X points at petrol stations and motels, and 1X points on all other transactions, plus 2X points on the internet and cell phone purchases.
Sadly, none of the branded cards are compatible with Blueprint. Even though they are administered by Chase, airline miles credit cards and hotel rewards credit cards that are branded for a specific company are not eligible for blueprint.

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