The 7 Best Online Check Ordering Sites

The 7 Best Online Check Ordering Sites

We are dedicated to finding, testing, and recommending the best products available. We might get compensated for purchases made after clicking on links in our content. Please find out more about our review process. Paying payments with checks can be costly. Ordering checks from your bank is usually the most expensive option, but you can find a lower-cost source online. Although your bank may provide you with a starter set for free, you will eventually need to replace it, which can be a significant investment depending on how frequently you write checks. To assist you in getting started, we investigated the leading companies for ordering checks, dissecting their best features, pricing details, and more. Here are the most significant online check shops.

Overall winner: Checks In The Mail

Checks In The Mail is a renowned corporation, selling over a billion checks every year to consumers in all 50 states. Its website also offers over 200 distinct check styles and frequently includes several coupon codes and new customer specials for even deeper discounts. Checks in the Mail start at $25.25 for a box of 100 single personal checks. Furthermore, for some designs, you can get 25 checks for as little as $7.25. This is a beautiful alternative for folks who rarely use paper checks but wish to maintain a small book on hand. There are also various options available for people who require business checks, including high-security designs.

Best Value: Carousel Checks

It isn't easy to top 125 checks for $6.99, but that's the deal you'll receive from Carousel Checks. The website even offers two boxes (250 checks) for $7.98. While the lower-priced varieties are plainer, some amusing motifs are featured, such as horses, bald eagles, flowers, or butterflies. Carousel Checks has a large selection starting at $19.99 per box if you want something more whimsical, animal-themed, or career-themed. You'll get a decent offer if you buy in bulk, just like other businesses. Just keep in mind that, according to its FAQs, check orders can take up to three or four weeks.

Best for Security: Costco Checks

Costco Checks offers an excellent array of possibilities thanks to a partnership with Harland Clarke Check Printing. Of course, as is customary with Costco, you'll have to buy in bulk because the smallest order option is 200 checks. While lower rates can be found elsewhere, the company's extensive selection, commitment to security, and free shipping are significant advantages. Additionally, if you are an Executive Member, you will save an additional 20% on your order. For $127.97, Gold Star/Business Members can acquire 500 high-security laser draught checks. Each check contains both visible and invisible fluorescent fibers and heat-sensitive ink, holograms, and watermarks. Furthermore, Costco's High-Security Business Checks have 25 security elements, exceeding what other organizations provide. Costco now offers personal checks with counterfeit-resistant security features such as a holographic foil bar and a heat-reactive ink circle. Prices for 200 single checks begin at $29.03 for Gold Star/Business Members.

Best Customization: Walmart Checks

Walmart is a terrific place to discover deals not only on goods but also on checks. The majority of the site's extensive inventory begins at $8.46 for a box of 150 with free standard shipping. It even provides designs for pop culture characters and landscape, wildlife, and animal selections. You can customize your check style by uploading a photo or logo starting at $16.46 or choose the Paper People option for a one-of-a-kind design of your family starting at $19.46.

Bradford Exchange has the best customer service

Suppose you want to look through a variety of checks. In that case, Bradford Exchange has over 800 distinct designs, including philanthropic causes, pop culture figures such as Elvis Presley and Lucille Ball, patriotic themes, and more. Shopping with this firm is a pleasant experience because the site is very straightforward to navigate, with transparent pricing, features, and shipping schedules for each item displayed. In addition, customer assistance is available seven days a week, and there is a comprehensive FAQ section. Bradford Exchange claims savings of up to 70% off bank check prices. Prices start at $19.95 for 120 single checks.

Sam's Club Checks are the best for business checks

Sam's Organization is a fantastic warehouse membership club that gives substantial discounts on bulk purchases. Customers, particularly business owners, who require many checks at once, can save money by using its website. For example, you may buy 660 checks for $34.68. There are also software-compatible checks that operate with Quicken, QuickBooks, and other accounting tools. Furthermore, personal checks are inexpensive, with various styles available, and a single order will likely last for years.

CheckAdvantage has the most options

CheckAdvantage has one of the largest checks selections, with over 2,500 design variations. In addition, the company provides an "on-time" promise, which guarantees that your purchase will be printed and dispatched within three business days. CheckAdvantage presents original designs by artists and photographers so that you won't find the same selections as other websites. The negative is that there are no licensed Disney, Star Wars, or professional sports team checks available here. Prices start at about $14.65 for 100 single personal checks, which is extremely fair.

Final Decision

When ordering checks without going through your bank, you should deal with a trustworthy and reasonably priced company. Checks In The Mail (see Checks In The Mail) is a dependable option with a large selection of check styles, a minimal minimum order requirement, and competitive cost. If you're seeking more unusual check designs, Walmart Checks (view at Walmart Checks) is hard to match for a fantastic value on custom-designed checks.

What to Look for in Online Check Ordering


Checks with a range of shapes and designs, security features, and alternatives for personal and commercial customers are available from the leading providers. Whether you want checks with licensed designs of your favorite characters, pop culture icons, or sports teams, selecting one that matches your needs is crucial.


Saving money is the primary advantage of ordering checks online rather than going directly to your bank. Consider the minimal quantity of checks in order; if you rarely use checks, you don't want to order them in bulk, which could outlast the time you keep that bank account open. Evaluate pricing amongst major internet retailers whether you write a few checks per month or manage a company that requires hundreds of checks.

Shipping Times

Even though consumers are accustomed to ordering products online and delivering them promptly, they expect checks to take several weeks to arrive. When ordering online, thoroughly verify the delivery time estimates (some sites have better turnaround times than others). You should order with plenty of time in mind, but pay special attention to shipment timelines if you're running low on time.


What are the requirements for ordering checks online?

Grab one of your existing checks before ordering checks online because you'll need some vital information: your bank, account number, and routing number. The routing and account numbers are printed at the bottom of each check. If you don't have a check, you can access your bank account by phone or online to get what you need. You'll need to tell us what information you want on the checks, such as your name, business name (if applicable), and contact information, in addition to your account information (optional).

What are secure or high-security checks?

All checks have some level of security built-in, beginning with the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) font used for account and routing numbers. This electronic font allows computers to read checks, but it also stops people—and counterfeiters—from printing their checks. Furthermore, certain inspections include additional security elements. Fluorescent fibers, both visible and invisible, chemically sensitive paper, heat-sensitive (or thermochromic) ink, holograms, and watermarks are examples.

What is the distinction between a single and duplicate check?

Though most people prefer single checks for personal usage, duplicate checks are also available for those who need a duplicate of their checks. Duplicate checks are accompanied by a small carbon copy sheet, ensuring that you always have a duplicate for your records. These are more expensive than individual checks and become less popular as more people rely on digital recordkeeping. However, it is still worthwhile to explore small businesses that may prefer paper records.

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