BBVA Review: Overview, Facts, Features, Plans, Pros and Cons

BBVA Review: Overview, Facts, Features, Plans, Pros and Cons

When you are contrasting banks, you probably search out the ones you know by name first. While that is, obviously, fine and dandy, you might need to keep your eyes up, assuming you need something explicit from your bank or loaning establishment, particularly private credits, bank accounts, and business accounts. BBVA is one of those you might need to investigate somewhat further.


  • Year Founded- 1964
  • Inclusion Area- BBVA is a physical bank in seven states. It additionally offers its high-APY currency market account in 41 states and Washington, D.C.
  • H.Q. Address- 15 twentieth St S, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Telephone Number-1-844-228-2872

BBVA Company Information

BBVA has more than $86 billion in resources, and 672 branches, for the most part in Texas yet in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico. It's the second-biggest bank in Alabama, the fourth biggest bank in Texas, and the fifth-biggest in Arizona. BBVA is a full-administration bank with a solid web-based financial stage. They offer the full scope of checking and investment accounts, C.D.s, currency markets, Visas, individual and vehicle credits, and home advance support.

BBVA Features and Benefits

Accounts Available. Notwithstanding C.D.s and checking and bank accounts, BBVA offers conventional, Roth, SIMPLE, rollover IRAs, and Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs). They additionally give 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESAs). ATM Access. You will approach 64,000 BBVA and Allpoint ATMs across the U.S. with no ATM charges. Overdraft the executives. BBVA empowers you to set up account cautions among different methodologies, so you generally know the deal with your records. Key cautions can be set up for an account by the board, including account-adjusted account outline and inadequate asset alarms.

BBVA Wallet

This component gives you advantageous access and command over your installment cards and incorporates the accompanying advantages:
  • Monitor every one of your buys continuously and keep them coordinated in a hurry
  • Actuate BBVA charge and Mastercards
  • Make your BBVA Credit card installments.
  • Change the PIN on your BBVA cards from your Wallet application.
  • Report a lost or taken card instantly or briefly block exchanges on the off chance that you lose your card
  • Reclaim awards progressively at any shipper
  • Get custom proposals to acquire cashback in light of how you enjoy Simple Cash Back.
  • You can download BBVA Wallet App on your apple or android device.
  • Client support. BBVA can be reached by telephone or message using Online Banking (24 - 48 hour reaction time). They have a third technique - Request a Call.
  • A bank delegate will reach you by telephone by tapping the "Solicitation a Call" button on the site. That will hold you back from exploring the telephone framework.
  • Client support is accessible Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and Saturdays, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Central Time.
  • Likewise, they have a cool contact choice with Video Banking…
  • Video Banking. With this help, you can interface with a live teller 24 hours every day, seven days each week.
  • You can do anything essentially with Video Banking with a visit to a nearby office.
That incorporates making moves, seeking clarification on pressing issues, setting aside installments and withdrawals, getting cash back, printing month-to-month explanations, reordering checks, making installments, or giving a stop installment.

Portable Banking

BBVA's Mobile App empowers you to exploit Mobile Bill Pay and Picture Bill Pay and move cash between your financial balances or to different gatherings. It likewise offers Mobile Deposits, where you can put aside an installment by snapping a picture of your check and submitting it for handling afterward. Likewise, you will get ongoing alarms, the everyday movement seen, and occasional record cautions.

BBVA Security

The bank utilizes a blend of the web and versatile financial cautions and online security. They likewise offer BBVA ClearBenefits that can furnish you with benefits if you are a survivor of data fraud. Those advantages include:
  • Fraud reclamation, which is accessible day in and day out to explore fake movement, issues extortion cautions to state offices and monetary organizations. From there, the sky is the limit.
  • Wholesale fraud protection gives up to $25,000 to cover lost compensation, legitimate costs, and safeguard costs for common and criminal claims.
  • The charge for the ClearBenefits program is $5 each month.

FDIC Insurance on all Deposits

As an FDIC taking part bank, BBVA gives $250,000 inclusion per investor on all reserve funds items.

BBVA Checking Account Offers

BBVA offers numerous financial records choices:

BBVA Online Checking Account

  • This record has a few consecrated elements recorded underneath:
  • It accompanies the accompanying elements:
  • Apply with just $25 opening store
  • No month to month Service Charge
  • Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, and Online Statements
  • No ATM withdrawal charges at any BBVA or Allpoint® ATM
  • BBVA is an individual from the FDIC
  • The Online Checking Account is strongly suggested.

BBVA Free Checking

This is a free financial record with the accompanying full-administration highlights:
  • Apply with just $25 opening store
  • No month to month Service Charge
  • No ATM charges at BBVA ATMs


This free web-based financial help is a great choice for your financial records. Like the other financial records choices, Interest Checking can likewise be opened with just $25. Be that as it may, you also procure interest on your equilibrium in this record. You likewise partake in specific advantages, including:
  • Layered loan costs on your looking at a balance
  • Limitless, take a look at composing.
  • Free Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Bill Pay
  • Free Premium checks and half of the different styles
  • Programmed refunds on ATM expenses charged by different banks (two for every assertion cycle)
  • The record has a Monthly Service Charge of $25, yet this can be deferred under specific circumstances, including if you keep a typical day-to-day gathered surplus of no less than $5,000 in the record.
If you apply for a BBVA financial record and don't qualify, BBVA can offer another opportunity with Easy Checking. Simple checking has a month to monthly Service Charge of $13.95.

BBVA Savings Products and Rates

BBVA offers three individual bank accounts and a currency market record and declarations of the store (C.D.s).

BBVA Build My Savings

With this record, you can procure a Match Bonus on stock exchanges. The amount you will get in the reward will rely on how much your initial equilibrium, your normal exchanges to the record, and the term of your arrangement. The term can be a half year or a year. Half year plan: With an initial total of $25 and a month to month commitment of $25, you can procure a match of $1.75; with an initial surplus of $2,350 and a month to month commitment of $25, you can procure a match of $25 (greatest). Or on the other hand, with an initial surplus of $25 and a month-to-month commitment of $415, you can likewise procure $25. Year plan terms: With an initial surplus of $25 and a month to month commitment of $25, you can procure a match of $3.25; with an initial total of $4,700 and a month to month commitment of $25, you can acquire a match of $50 (greatest). Or on the other hand, with an initial surplus of $25 and a month-to-month commitment of $415, you can likewise procure $50. The record requires a base $25 opening total and has a loan cost of 0.01% APY.

BBVA Savings Account

This record requires a base opening surplus of $25 and has an APY of 0.01%. The record furnishes you with simple admittance to your cash, all day, every day admittance to on the web and versatile banking, and connecting to your financial records for overdraft insurance. The record accompanies a quarterly help charge of $15. Nonetheless, that charge can be postponed on the off chance that you have programmed, repeating month to month moves of $25 or more into the record from your financial records, or on the other hand, on the off chance that you keep a base day to day gathered surplus of $500 or more.

BBVA Savings Account

  • You acquire interest on your equilibrium with this record yet pay no quarterly help charge.
  • It requires a base opening store of $25 and has an APY of 0.01%.
  • It has every one of the advantages of the BBVA Savings Account.

BBVA Money Market Account

With a Money Market account, you can get to your cash at whatever point you want and appreciate admittance to online and Mobile Banking. The following are a couple of highlights that accompany a BBVA Money Market Account:
  • Apply with just $25 opening store
  • Interest builds and is credited monthly to month
  • Effectively pull out cash at a branch and use BBVA ATMs with no ATM charges.
  • Connection to your BBVA financial records for Overdraft Protection


Testaments of Deposit (C.D.s)

With a base opening store of $500, no support charges, and a $500 opening least opening store, you can procure great paces of return on BBVA CDs.
  •  BBVA CDs can give you great momentary speculation.

BBVA Investments

  • BBVA offers both Self-Directed Investments and Full-Service Investments.

Independent Investments

You can hold your speculations through an independent money market fund that will empower you to exchange values, common assets, trade exchanged reserves (ETFs), and choices.
  • You can likewise lay out an edge account.
  • Full-Service Investments
  • With this record choice, you can have your speculations expertly made due. There's even a more extensive determination of speculations accessible with this choice.
These incorporate common assets, unit speculation trusts, fixed and variable annuities, the value connected C.D.s, fixed pay protections, and expertly oversaw portfolios. You might have 529 plans, and other school reserve funds programs oversaw through this choice.

BBVA Student Banking

BBVA offers its Free Checking account in the mix with its ClearSpend Prepaid Card. With Free Checking, understudies have no month-to-month administration charge, are free on the web and portable, keeping money with Bill Pay and record cautions, free on the web and paper proclamations, and a free Visa Debit Card, which you can customize with your number one photograph. You could likewise get no-expense utilization of other banks' ATMs by paying a little month-to-month charge. With the ClearSpend Prepaid Card, you will have the advantage of no buy exchange expenses, no overdraft expenses, and no month to month administration charge as long as you load no less than $400 onto the record each scheduled month (generally a $4 month to month administration charge will be surveyed). There are no-heap charges when you add cash to the record. No FICO rating check will be expected to get the card. You will get continuous exchange alarms and the Built-in Budget Tracker highlight. This component empowers you to deal with your funds and dispose of overspending.

Additional opportunity Banking

This program is intended for individuals who have past credit issues and need a new beginning. It will furnish you with an amazing chance to reconstruct your credit. Benefits include: No month to month administration accused of BBVA Free Checking Simple spending plan the executives with the BBVA ClearSpend Prepaid Visa Card I got acknowledge line for the Optimizer Credit Card. Procured revenue on your bank account offset with BBVA Savings. The Optimizer Credit Card is intended to assist you with modifying your credit. See subtleties in the following segment.

BBVA Lending

The bank likewise offers unstable individual advances, as well as car credits. The vehicle advances accompany same-day choices on most credits and free web-based protection quotes.

BBVA Home Loans

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). The credit has a variable rate APR that depends on the Prime Rate and 0.38% to 2.74%. The constant rate goes from 4.63% to 6.99%, yet they are offering a year basic rate at Prime MINUS 1.51%. Credit continues can be utilized for any reason. Home Equity Loans. Like a HELOC, you can utilize home value credits for pretty much any reason. They have fixed rates, terms, and regularly scheduled installments. Rates as of now start at 4.94%. Contracts. Fixed or movable rate contracts are accessible for renegotiating your ongoing home loan, cash-out renegotiating, purchasing, revamping, or constructing another home.

Current home loan rates seem to be this:

BBVA Pros and Cons Pro
  • The bank offers a few financial record choices. Numerous internet-based banks don't offer to check, compelling you to keep a second financial relationship.
  • Video Banking empowers you to interface with a live financier 24 hours every day, seven days a week.
  • Additional opportunity Banking gives a genuine open the door to somebody with impeded credit to foster a financial relationship and remake their credit.
  • The Build My Savings plan offers a great profit from a little store or committed customary commitments.


  • Financing costs on most investment funds plans are on the low side for online banks.
  • Aside from the year term, loan costs on BBVA's C.D.s aren't serious.
  • The rates on the Money Market are serious, yet the $15 each month expense decreases that return. It invalidates the rate on more modest record adjustments.
  • A few reserve funds items have a $25 "Early Account Closing Fee" if you close the record in something like 180 days of opening it. That is a precarious charge on a record with an APY of just 0.1%.

History of BVAA

BBVA was established in 1964 and is settled in Birmingham, Alabama. Between 2004 and 2014, BBVA obtained a few banks in the U.S., remembering Compass for 2007. For a period, BBVA went by BBVA Compass. Presently it is simply BBVA.

Main concern

BBVA will be best for more modest stores, especially on the Money Market Account and the year CD. Their rates on different records and concerning bigger stores or longer bonds are not cutthroat. Yet, a portion of their items are creative, especially the Second Chance Banking program, which gives you admittance to both a financial record and a got Visa so you can revamp your monetary life following credit inconveniences. On the off chance that you might want to get more data, or you might want to open a record, visit the BBVA site.

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