Where to Look for a Consultant Who Is Certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Where to Look for a Consultant Who Is Certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

There Significant Differences Among QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Working with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor specialist may make it much simpler to discover accurate solutions to the accounting challenges faced by businesses. Even though many professionals, such as accountants, bookkeepers, advisors, consultants, management companies, and others, offer their services to assist you in establishing and using QuickBooks more effectively, it is possible that they do not have an understanding of the software that goes beyond its fundamentals. Because QuickBooks is such a remarkably capable accounting application, it's possible that they aren't even aware of how many practical aspects of QuickBooks you're not using. At this point, having the Quickbooks ProAdvisor consultant certification will prove to be helpful. These experts have shown their knowledge of Quickbooks by achieving a passing score on a corresponding test.

A variety of Certifications are Available for ProAdvisor Consultants

The Quickbooks ProAdvisor program seeks out and recognizes accounting professionals that are knowledgeable about and experienced with the usage of QuickBooks for either individuals or businesses. The ProAdvisor may earn four distinct certificates, each of which demonstrates a greater degree of expertise with QuickBooks and a deeper command of QuickBooks industry editions. These certifications can be found on the ProAdvisor website. ProAdvisors can go through a certain number of hours of training, either in-person in a classroom or online, before taking the certification exam, or they may skip the training entirely and go straight to the test.

Certification in QuickBooks (QB)

A simple QuickBooks Certification is something that a QuickBooks ProAdvisor may earn. A certification test has to be passed with flying colors for the ProAdvisor to be awarded this certification. The examination covers a variety of subjects, including the installation and configuration of QuickBooks, the recording of transactions, and the reporting of financial data. Candidates have six opportunities to get a passing score on the examination, despite achieving a score of 85 percent to pass. In the event that a candidate does not pass, the questions that were answered incorrectly will be repeated to them. Pro: With this fundamental qualification under their belt, your ProAdvisor will be able to provide you with some comfort that they have at least a fundamental command of QuickBooks. Con: A ProAdvisor who only has this certification could have learned how to pass a test on QuickBooks by trial and error rather than having a comprehensive grasp of the application itself in order to acquire it. Keep in mind that each applicant has a total of six chances to pass the test.

Certification for Advanced Use of QuickBooks

When compared to ProAdvisors, who simply possess the basic certification, individuals who have completed the QuickBooks Advanced Certification Course have a more in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks and a higher level of proficiency in the software. Candidates are required to have a passing score on both the actual test (which they must have passed for three years in a row) and the advanced certification exam. Candidates are required to show that they have the capacity to troubleshoot client data files in order to pass the advanced test, which includes accounting concepts at an intermediate level and advanced capabilities of QuickBooks. Beginning in March 2019, all individuals who have an advanced certification will be required to pass a brief examination in order to maintain their certification. They will be evaluated on their knowledge of any modifications that have been made to QuickBooks since the last exam. Because they have worked with QuickBooks for at least three years, you will know that your ProAdvisor has exhibited consistency and devotion to working with QuickBooks. Pro: You will know this because they have used the software for at least three years. Con: Because applicants have the opportunity to pass the test three times, it is feasible that some candidates may simply learn how to pass the test via trial and error. In the event that they do not, they will be barred from making another attempt for a period of sixty days.

Certification in QuickBooks for Use at a Point of Sale

The QuickBooks Point of Sale Certification is intended for ProAdvisors who provide services to small companies in the retail sector and who assist those firms with the installation and maintenance of QuickBooks Point of Sale. Because the Point of Sale Certification is only available on a cycle that lasts for two years, ProAdvsiors only need to recertify themselves once every two years. Pro: If you own a small retailing firm, selecting a ProAdvisor who has this qualification will ensure that you are collaborating with a person who has a solid understanding of your field. Con: Since ProAdvisors with the POS certification is not routinely evaluated like those with certifications for other programs, it's conceivable that they are not as up-to-date as other QuickBooks certified specialists.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Certified Professional Certification

Candidates for the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Certification need to first earn their QuickBooks Pro status and then demonstrate their knowledge by passing an exam designed specifically for Enterprise Solutions. This exam is meant to evaluate candidates' understanding of QuickBooks financial products and to show candidates' capacity to deliver on-site QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions setup and assistance to customers. Advantage: QuickBooks ProAdvisors who get this certification have proven mastery of the most advanced version of the QuickBooks software currently available on the market. Con: There are only 100,000 organizations that are now utilizing QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, which means that the majority of companies are not using this version of QuickBooks.

How to Search for a Locally Available ProAdvisor

On the Intuit website, under the "ProAdvisor" tab, a search option allows you to locate QuickBooks ProAdvisors in your area. Consultants who have a ProAdvisor accreditation are permitted to reference it when marketing their services on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook company pages. Finding a local ProAdvisor offers a number of unique advantages, one of which is that you may get price reductions on Intuit products ranging from ten to twenty percent if you do so. This is in addition to the experience that a ProAdvisor can bring to your small company.

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