Opening an Online Bank Account: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do It

Opening an Online Bank Account: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do It

Completing tasks online is an invaluable skill in today's fast-paced world. This eliminates the necessity of physically going to a bank branch or printing out and signing paper forms. Everything is done electronically, and the moment your account is all set up, you will have the ability to pay bills and transfer money online.

All That You Need to Have in Order to Create an Account

Be ready to provide the bank with personal information that allows it to confirm your identity if you choose to open a bank account online. It's possible that you'll also be asked to arrange electronic deposits to be made to your online bank account. Before you begin the process, make sure you have all of the following items:

Particulars about an individual

You must identify yourself to the bank and supply it with personal information about yourself. Make sure you have the following:
  • That number from your Social Security card.
  • Your birth date
  • Identifiers issued by any government include driver's licenses, passports, and identification cards issued by the United States military, along with their issuance and dates of expiration.

Details of how to get in touch

Your phone number, home address, and email address are required information for banks. You are required by federal law to provide an address, which is the location of your real home, even though you are conducting business in the virtual world.

Information on funding

Whenever you open a new account at a bank, you will typically be required to make an initial deposit, ranging between $25 to $100. To accomplish this, you could try using either your credit card or your debit card. You also can provide the routing number and account number to establish a connection to a different bank account.

Electronic signatures and traditional signatures

You can use an e-signature to bind yourself to any agreement legally, and then you are free to use the account. E-signatures are accepted by a large number of financial institutions, including small credit unions and regional banks. Go to the website of the financial institution you are considering, and look for the option that lets you open an account online. After providing that information to certain financial institutions, you will be finished with the account opening process. Some financial institutions will let you start your application electronically but will eventually require you to sign it in person. In the circumstances like these, you will typically receive a "Welcome Kit." This kit will contain any documents that are necessary, which includes a formal signature card. Even though paper checks are becoming more and more uncommon, these financial institutions still require that your file include an official signature nonetheless. If your bank needs your signature physically, you may be required to wait for a longer period of time before you are able to use your account. You should call the bank if you wish to make use of your new account as soon as possible and ask about the process involved in doing so.

Obstacles Encountered When Opening an Online Account

To open an account at a bank online, you may be required in certain circumstances to present additional documentation or to make an in-person appearance at a branch. Among the most common reasons are:

Credit that is "thin"

Your identity will be checked when you open an account at a bank. They are able to do this in different ways, one of which is by checking up on your credit score. They won't find anything if you don't have a lot of credit history. As a direct consequence of this, they might demand that you open your account in person at a physical branch and present a form of identification issued by the government.

Under 18

Those who are younger than 18 years old are not permitted to open bank accounts by themselves. There are options available for those under the age of 18 who want to open a checking or savings account; however, you will be required to have an adult to co-sign on the account, and you may be required to go to a branch.

Investigating the past of the account

You may be unable to open a new checking account online in case you have a history of overdrawn checking accounts, have been under suspicion for fraudt, or had a joint account with an individual who has committed fraud. If you are facing issues while opening a bank account, you should check your ChexSystems report to see if there are any errors.


If you are a citizen of the United States, opening accounts online will be much simpler. Even if you may not be a US citizen, this does not mean that you cannot do it. When you open accounts with an ITIN, the requirements of some financial institutions may differ.

Accounts for entities

People are able to start up accounts with the majority of banks that offer account openings online. Some banks require you to visit the branch in person or send in the necessary account forms via mail if you require an account on the behalf of an organization such as a trust, a business, or another type of organization. Opening such accounts electronically is becoming increasingly accessible, but it is not yet a given that this will always be possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be able to access a checking account instantly if I open it online?

When you open a bank account online in the majority of financial institutions, the process shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes.

Can I use the internet to open a bank account for my ward?

If there is an account already under your name at a particular financial institution, you will usually be able to open an individual bank account online for your child. Consider the learning opportunities that will be presented to your child and let them experience the process firsthand.

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